Cryptobuyer Joins Binance Chain to Implement BNB Payments

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Crypto payment gateways are a dime a dozen, so more and more gateways are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. In a bid to become the top payment gateway in Latin America, Cryptobuyer has joined the Binance Chain network and will now integrate BNB into its payment systems. Cryptobuyer becomes the latest in a succession of top companies to join the Binance Chain network.

Cryptobuyer Upgrading its Network

As it stands, Cryptobuyer allows users to buy, sell and shop in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash. As soon as the Binance Chain integration takes place, BNB will be added to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. Some of the biggest brands in Latin America currently use Cryptobuyer to power their crypto adoption, including Traki in Venezuela. Traki is managing to survive through hyperinflation thanks to crypto payments, and charities are able to take advantage of this in order to give kids a fighting chance at securing an education. As well as a wide range of merchants under its belt, Cryptobuyer also has a large portfolio of crypto ATMs dotted around Panama.

Another Binance Chain Member

Early in July, both Smart MFG and SyncFab shifted their operations over to the Binance Chain to take advantage of BNB payments as well as getting listed on the Binance DEX. However, the Smart MFG and SyncFab shift to the Binance Chain appears to have been for financial gain rather than Binance Chain actually being beneficial for their products. On the other hand, TravelbyBit launched its brand-new web app that’s powered by the Binance Chain. This market-leading travel booking app is incredibly sleek and accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and BNB.

Crypto Payments Taking Off

Latin America appears to be the home of crypto payments, and every week more companies in the region are joining the movement. Earlier in the week, Fortazela announced that its public transport system would begin to accept cryptocurrency come the end of 2019. The new system is currently being tested before it’s deployed on the entire public transport network of the city.

As Cryptobuyer joins the Binance Chain, it becomes one of the most powerful crypto payment gateways in the region. It’s going to be tough for merchants to find a more complete and fully rounded payment provider in the region, especially now it’s shifting to the Binance chain. We can expect to see BNB payments integrated completely in the next couple of days.