Hodlonaut Decries “Moral Bankruptcy” of Wright and Ayre

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  • Hodlonaut has decried the attitude of Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre in his legal case against Wright
  • Hodlonaut has criticized their attempts to unmask him and bully him into dropping the case
  • The UK High Court recently confirmed the case will be heard in the UK and Norway

Hodlonaut, the Twitter user being sued by Craig Wright after he called out the BSV founder as not being Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has described the lengths to which Wright and BSV backer Calvin Ayre are going in order to force him to concede. In a tweet thread over the weekend, Hodlonaut criticized the “moral bankruptcy” of Wright and Ayre as he described the ways in which the pair have used their finances and reputations to force him to concede, although Hodlonaut has no intention of doing so.

Wright Demanded Astonishing Apology

The case against Hodlonaut began in March last year, when the crypto trader was targeted by Wright after he dared to suggest that the complete lack of evidence supporting Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto meant that he, in fact, wasn’t. Hodlonaut then received a demand from Wright’s lawyers to remove all tweets relating to the Wright affair and to post a quite astounding apology and admission in their place:


Hodlonaut says that these terms were not even countenanced “as a matter of principle”. This clearly caused Wright some umbrage and he set about trying to find Hodlonaut’s true identity, offering a $5,000 to anyone who could unmask him, with Ayre’s Coingeek outlet being the medium chosen to advertise the bounty. Incredibly, pictures of Hodlonaut’s potential locations and individuals that amateur detectives thought could be Hodlonaut were posted online, with obvious concerns over the end result of such action.

Hodlonaut Complains of “Full Force” Harassment

Wright even tried to pressure Twitter into revealing Hodlonaut’s personal details, which they obviously refused to do, before Hodlonaut signed papers allowing Wright to charge him having taken advice from his legal counsel. Now able to pursue legal action, Wright did just that, filing a defamation case in the UK (the same court where he had his case against Roger Ver thrown out) as Hodlonaut filed in Norway, saying his Tweets should be protected under free speech. According to Hodlonaut, Wright fought this argument all the way to the Norwegian Supreme Court but lost. He is on the hook for the legal costs but has yet to pay them.

Hodlonaut finishes the tweet thread by saying that 19 months into the case “these people continue to harass me with full force” while “Calvin Ayre and Coingeek continue to spew out doxing and slandering material”. He also explains the reason why he is speaking up now:

The Hodlonaut case will now be heard in the UK and Norway after the High Court overturned a ruling last year that it was in the wrong jurisdiction. It is incredible to think that Craig Wright wants us to believe that he, Satoshi Nakamoto who walked quietly away from Bitcoin in 2011, has returned as a litigious, egotistical monster, desperate to prove his identity after forking his own coin twice.