BSV Gives Up Bitcoin Battle And Rebrands…Badly

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  • BSV financial backer Calvin Ayre on Tuesday fumbled his way through the announcement of a rebranding for the project
  • Ayre said that the new project will “solve data problems” for enterprises and governments
  • Having failed to overthrow Bitcoin, Ayre and his ilk have switched their focus

BSV’s principle financial backer Calvin Ayre has suggested that Bitcoin SV, the project that claims to be the real Bitcoin, has said that the project will rebrand and abandon its claim to be the real Bitcoin. Ayre was speaking at the Coingeek Conference in Zurich this week where he explained that BSV was changing its name and going big on data management, although the method by which the news was delivered was simply disastrous as far as PR goes.

Ayre Submits Audition Tape for PR Shambles 2021

If Ayre was after a Blue Peter badge for terrible PR then it will definitely be in the post, for this was a car crash of an announcement. The rebranding of any product is an exciting moment, or at least should be made to appear so. Ayre however chose to not so much drop the bombshell as mumble it into a microphone in front of about 300 Coingeek Conference live feed viewers in a manner that suggested he didn’t know what day of the week it was, let alone the new name for BSV:

…we’re putting the effort in right now to rebrand ourselves as BS…B…BSV Enterprise Utility Blockchain or…however you want to phrase the words.

Boom! Message received loud and clear – what used to be called ‘Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision’ is now ‘BS…B…BSV Enterprise Utility Blockchain or However You Want to Phrase The Words’.

Satoshi’s Vision – To Solve Data Problems

There are several ironies attached to this dog’s breakfast of an ‘announcement’. First, just seconds before Ayre’s bout of verbal diarrhoea he had accused Bitcoin of “confusing everybody” and added that what was happening in the Bitcoin world was “almost irrelevant right now”. Hilariously this was on the very day that Bitcoin and not BS…B…BSV Enterprise Utility Blockchain Or However You Want to Phrase The Words became a legal currency in El Salvador.

Secondly, the whole point of BSV’s existence was because it was supposed to represent the true vision of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright, Ayre, and the other BSV cult leaders have argued long and hard that their vision represents the true vision of Satoshi, so it is with some interest that Ayre went on to describe the purpose of the all new, turbo charged and leather upholstered BS…B…BSV Enterprise Utility Blockchain Or However You Want to Phrase The Words:

“We are here to solve data problems.”

Hmmm, don’t recall that in the Bitcoin Whitepaper. It does however relate back to something Ayre said in his BSV Holiday Message in December last year:

When Craig originally invented this technology, he actually wanted to invent a technology that was going to be the world’s best at big data management.

No…don’t think it was, given the fact that the word ‘data’ only appears once in the whitepaper.

It’s pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that the BSV crew have realized that their battle to get recognized as the real Bitcoin is about as winnable as a boxing match with an iron girder, so they have spent 2021 sowing the seeds of a breakaway from the concept of being Bitcoin and instead being an enterprise blockchain.

Ayre practically admitted this too, saying that BS…B…BSV Enterprise Utility Blockchain Or However You Want to Phrase The Words would see them “consciously making an effort to… part ways with Bitcoin…”.

The Penny Drops At Last

It’s almost sad that it has taken two and a half years for the BSV founders to realize that their attempt to be seen as the real Bitcoin was always going to fail, and even worse for the BSV holders who have seen the value of their holding stagnate in dollar terms (the coin is now worth less than it was on launch in November 2018) and become absolutely savaged by BTC in the process.

The response to the rebrand also caused a divide between BSV supporters, with some for the idea and some against the admission that it can no longer compete with Bitcoin:

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Ayre has claimed on multiple occasions that BSV has “already won” over Bitcoin despite the latter making massive gains in terms of price and adoption in the years since BSV was founded. This is like a general seeing his army getting massacred and running from the battlefield with the remaining troops shouting “we won!”

BS…B…BSV Enterprise Utility Blockchain Or However You Want to Phrase The Words might even turn out to be a decent blockchain for enterprise users and governments, although there are faster and more secure blockchains out there that don’t have the stigma of their deranged leader holding them back.

Nonetheless, the fact that they have finally decided to step away from the Bitcoin arena and focus on themselves can only be beneficial for the project and the space as a whole. Although, you know, we’ll kind of miss them.