The Bitcoin whitepaper is a piece of history in many senses. It represents a financial, technological, and social revolution, a way for ordinary people to transact free of governmental influence. Further than this, it represents freedom from censorship and authoritarian overreach.

The author of the Bitcoin whitepaper is a person or persons unknown who goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. There are some who claim to be Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, and some who have even made a copyright claim on the Bitcoin whitepaper itself. These same individuals have tried to legally enforce their alleged copyright claims, but these claims lack any merit as NO ENTITY HAS BEEN GRANTED COPYRIGHT OVER THE BITCOIN WHITEPAPER BY THE BODIES RESPONSIBLE.

We are taking the measure of uploading the Bitcoin whitepaper to the FullyCrypto site as we believe that censorship of it in any way flies in the face of Bitcoin’s core aims – to allow free and equal flow of money, information, and ideas. Supposed ownership of the Bitcoin whitepaper should not be used for personal gain, especially when the alleged claim is not backed by anything more than threats and intimidation.

Bitcoin was made by the few for the many.

FullyCrypto intends to keep it that way.