OneCoin Book Signings Cancelled Amid “Serious Security Concerns”

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  • Upcoming signings for the launch of a book by OneCoin victim Jen McAdam have been cancelled over “serious security concerns” against her
  • OneCoin victim-turned-campaigner Jen McAdam has been featured in The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast and is the basis of an upcoming film adaptation.
  • McAdam was scheduled to meet fans and sign copies of Devil’s Coin but had to cancel due to unspecified threats against her

Upcoming signings for the launch of a book by OneCoin victim Jen McAdam have been cancelled over “serious security concerns” against her. McAdam’s book, Devil’s Coin, tells her story of being swept up in the OneCoin fervour, where she convinced family members to invest over $275,000, all of which was lost when the scam blew up in 2017 after its chief, Dr Ruja Ignatova, disappeared. McAdam was due to sign books at three venues in her native Scotland, but these have now been cancelled on security grounds, showing that the threat to those outing OneCoin is still a present danger.

Victim-Turned-Campainger Still Speaking Out

Jen McAdam has become one of the faces of the anti-OneCoin movement. She has gone from avowed buyer and defendant to outspoken critic, playing a huge part in the success of the hit podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen and turning her experience into a film set to star Kate Winslet as well as writing Devil’s Coin.

Devil’s Coin is set to launch on August 8, and McAdam was due to meet fans and sign copies at the Riverside Lodge Hotel in Irvine and in two Waterstones bookshops in Scotland at the start of a promotional campaign. However, the book’s publisher, Ad Lib, yesterday released a statement saying that they have had to postpone the first three on security grounds:

We regret to announce that appearances and book signings by Jennifer McAdam to promote her book, Devil’s Coin, about her battle to take down a $27 billion cryptocurrency fraud, have had to be cancelled. “After serious security concerns were raised, Jennifer was advised not to go ahead with the events next week. Since taking on the fugitive OneCoin cryptoqueen Ruja Ignatova, she has suffered a campaign of intimidation, including legal challenges, death threats and vile online abuse.

McAdam said she was “upset that my events have had to be cancelled” but added that she “did not want to go ahead in the light of the potential dangers highlighted to me.”

The fact that such threats have been made, and continue to be made, against McAdam is not surprising; the coin is heavily linked to the Russian underworld, which has led to those aiming to out the project, such as The Missing Cryptoqueen host Jamie Bartlett receiving death threats.