Bitcoin is Giving Venezuelan Kids a Fighting Chance

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A charity called Crypto for Venezuela has been hard at work collecting Bitcoin donations in order to help the suffering people in the country. The country’s president – Nicolas Maduro – has plunged its economy into hyperinflation and angered the international community, so much so that it has a raft of sanctions against it. Maduro has tried to rescue the economy with the nation’s own crypto – the Petro – but it’s turned out to be a total flop. Crypto for Venezuela has been trying to provide respite for the millions of people in the country without access to vital supplies – including children.

School Supplies for Kids

With the generous help of the Reddit crypto community and Traki – Venezuela’s biggest superstore – Crypto for Venezuela has managed to buy school supplies for more than 500 children in the country. The children were given books, writing equipment, and other vital supplies to help them with their education. This is the true power of cryptocurrencies – not to make an individual rich, but to fix the broken and corrupt system that we are currently plagued by.

Traki Making it Possible

Back in October, Traki began to accept a number of different cryptos as a form of payment. In Venezuela, people have been turning to popular cryptos such as Bitcoin and DASH as a way to escape poverty and to buy goods. Traki is one of the largest department store chains in the country, and without its decision to accept cryptos, none of this would have been possible.

Maduro Killing the Country

Nicolas Maduro still rules the country from his palace, while his people starve and suffer in silence. While he has tried to fix the economic crisis that is raging in the country, his efforts were largely misguided. The Petro has been criticized by the global crypto community for being nothing more than a scam designed to make the leaders of the country wealthier, while its citizens continue to suffer. The only way to buy a new passport or renew an old one is by using the Petro, meaning Venezuelans are left with little choice should they seek to flee the country, making charities such as Crypto for Venezuela a much-needed lifeline.
Crypto for Venezuela is still hard at work trying to change the lives of countless children in the country, and every donation makes a big difference to a young life. If you want to be a part of the story and help these children have access to educational supplies, you can donate crypto at the following addresses:
BTC: 3PQPAqeApePD6ZnVwzdAPN1Kw5PC79U7zc
ETH: 0x9493ACeE22E6Cd4312781F7F51D1C2D85e8556a3