Destroy Penguins in This Epic Lightning Network Shooter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We love to find new ways to spend our Bitcoin, and if it involves using the Lightning Network we get extra excited. In what could be one of the most advanced Lightning Network shooter games, Penguin Shooter lets you take out hordes of penguins, sheep, rabbits, pigs, and even evil bears. All you have to do is make a few lighting network payments and you’re good to go – get ready to play the most innovative game of 2019 courtesy of a developer named Robin.

Games Hitting the Lightning Network

Penguin Shooter is far from the first game to be launched making use of Lighting Network payments, but it’s definitely one of the most advanced and fun out there. Back in June 2018, Poketoshi was launched – essentially Pokémon on the lightning network. While it was a fun game, it wasn’t original and you had to send a transaction every time you wanted to take a step. It was one of the first games out there to demo how powerful the Lightning Network was, and from there the Lighting Network gaming scene has taken off.

Getting Down and Dirty with the Penguins

As soon as you load up the game, you have to send 150 satoshis to open the door and enter the staging arena. The payment is confirmed in ultra quick time and you can head on through the door in a mere matter of seconds. From there you can purchase a tiger to fight at your side, ammo, bombs, and other awesome upgrades in preparation for your upcoming battle. When you’re ready to take on the animals, simply head over to the fluffy looking sheep – straight ahead when you enter the staging area – and pick what critters you want to fight. Simply send another Lightning Network payment and the animals will start spawning in – be careful though, don’t underestimate the power of these beasts.

Not as Friendly as IOTA’s Sheep

While there are hordes of sheep that roam around Penguin Shooter, they certainly aren’t as friendly as those you can feed with your IOTA. A farmer has developed an invoice feeding system that allows people to send IOTA to an address and treats will be dispensed to the sheep. Feeders can watch the food drop into the feed tray via a live stream webcam – a far cry from the killer sheep that want to tear you limb from limb in Penguin Shooter.
The addition of a bear was a brilliant idea, as gamers can now vent their frustration against the creature for the massive losses they endured in 2018. If enough bears are taken out in Penguin Shooter, perhaps the bear market will end and we can see some upward price movement in the crypto markets. Either way, Penguin Shooter is a brilliant way to spend a couple of dollars and become familiar with the Lightning Network.