Bitcoin Association Hires Lise Li to Grow BSV Adoption in China

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Bitcoin SV is on a mission to change the world, and in a bid to grow Bitcoin SV (BSV) adoption in China, the Bitcoin Association has hired Lise Li to head up the project. Li was previously the COO of the massive Chinese crypto mining outfit, Rawpool. Li will now be tasked with using her connections, skills and knowledge to forge new relationships in China and help grow adoption of the controversial cryptocurrency.

Li Believes in BSV’s Scaling Ability

When it comes to scalability, BSV has put a lot of time and work into becoming the most on-chain scalable variant of Bitcoin there is – sticking true to Satoshi’s original vision. On July 24, BSV introduced its new Quasar upgrade that increase block caps to 2GB. In the moments following the upgrade, BSV saw a huge 148MB block mined, breaking all sorts of records in the process. Since then, BSV has seen bigger blocks with hundreds of thousands of transactions in. Unfortunately, not all BSV nodes increased their power, meaning MoneyButton ended up crashing due to these new bigger blocks. This is a huge issue Li is going to have to navigate through if she hopes to increase adoption of BSV.

In a press release sent to BitStarz News, Li said:

I believe in Bitcoin SV because its scaling ability puts the BSV blockchain technologically far ahead of any other and enables more real use cases. That’s why I see more development teams and businesses across the world are building projects on BSV.

Could Craig Wright Throw a Spanner in the Works?

Craig Wright is well known for his controversial opinions and his belief that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but this could be a huge mountain for Li to navigate in China. If Chinese businesses don’t believe Wright’s rhetoric, then it could be very difficult for Li to persuade companies to begin building on the BSV network. Wright is currently in court with Peter McCormack over a libel suit following McCormack denouncing Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto. McCormack alleges that Wright isn’t Satoshi and nor does he have any reputation to harm, meaning his libel suit is a waste of time. If this case goes badly for Wright, BSV’s image could be seriously harmed around the globe.

Li has an uphill battle trying to help BSV grow its adoption levels in China, but if there was ever anyone for the task, it is Li. She has the credentials and the network to help BSV grow to its fullest in the region, but even her pedigree might not be enough.