McCormack’s Defense Claims Craig Wright Has No Reputation to Harm

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Craig Wright apparently has nothing better to do than sue people for libel when they claim he isn’t really Satoshi Nakamoto – the infamous creator of Bitcoin. The host of the popular crypto podcast “What Crypto Did” Peter McCormack has persistently insisted that Wright isn’t the creator of Bitcoin, and openly requested that Wright sues him. With the court date looming, McCormack’s defense lawyer has released his legal defense against Wright.

Wright Has No Reputation as Bitcoin’s Creator

McCormack’s defense is changing the game of this court case. As previously explained, under UK law, McCormack is tasked with providing sufficient evidence that Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto in order to win the case. However, this legal defense that McCormack’s team has issued changes the picture totally. It claims that Wright has been adding more fuel to the fire by refusing to publicly prove himself as Satoshi Nakamoto since 2016. By breaking promises time and time again, nobody takes Wright seriously as Nakamoto, meaning he has no reputation to even harm.

McCormack Willing to Walk Away

The legal defense goes on to state that if inside 21 days from August 8 Wright proves that he is Satoshi Nakmoto, then he will withdraw his accusations and recognize Wright as the creator of Bitcoin. This is a very smart move from McCormack’s lawyers as if Wright declines this, then he could be seen as wasting court time and it infers that Wright and Calvin Ayre are actively seeking to bankrupt people for fun. In a Tweet on April 16, Ayre stated that Wright and himself are waiting for a fool to “bankrupt themselves” then Wright will dish out the proof. McCormack’s defense points out that if Wright has the means to end the case before it goes to court, then he should provide it.

The Address Saga Continues

McCormack’s defense also noted that the address given for this case is different to the address given in the Kleiman case that’s ongoing in Florida. Roger Ver used this exact same line of defense in his court case against Wright, one that eventually went on to be thrown out. Wright’s lack of willingness to disclose his true address – or use the same one consistently for that matter – could lead to his undoing.

Could We See a Repeat of the Roger Ver Case?

Given the stance McCormack’s defense is taking, we could very well see this case thrown out on the first day. In the Roger Ver case, the judge threw the case out, claiming that Wright brought his international reputation to the table, rather than his reputation in the UK. Now, McCormack’s followers on Twitter are predominantly from the US and the same for his podcast listeners. Wright will have to come up with a better explanation as to why he opened the case in the UK other than he owns a couple of properties in the country.

The defense makes an interesting read and really turns the tables on Wright. It looks like McCormack could very well pull off a huge victory here, and if he does he will be the second in as many months. If Wright loses, any claims to being Satoshi Nakamoto will be firmly thrown in the trash. This is make or break for Wright, so if he truly is Satoshi Nakamoto, it’s time for him to prove it to the world.