Aussies Can Now Pay Their Bills with Crypto

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In the land down under crypto is still fighting the battle to become an accepted form of payment. However, up and coming crypto exchange Cointree and billing platform Gobbill have joined forces to give Australians the ability to pay their bills – such as electricity, water, tax, and insurance – with cryptos. While it isn’t the first partnership of this type around the world, it is the first in Australia, further showcasing the nation’s desire to use cryptocurrencies for day to day expenses. The partnership will enable Australians to pay their bills with companies and agencies irrespective of whether they accept cryptos or not.

Australia Welcoming Cryptos

Australia might not be passing any crypto-friendly bills into law like Malta and Gibraltar, but it is certainly heading towards becoming a crypto-friendly nation. Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has teamed up with the World Bank to launch the country’s first bond using only blockchain technology. This momentous step cements blockchain and cryptocurrencies into the heart of Australian daily life.
This new partnership will further embed crypto and blockchain into Australia and cryptos will likely soon be accepted in almost every store in the country. However, some Australian companies aren’t completely on board. The Bank of Queensland has changed the terms and conditions in its loans to prohibit its customers from using the equity in their loans to buy cryptocurrencies.

Other Companies Facilitating Bill Payments

This new partnership isn’t the first crypto bill payment system to launch in Australia. That award goes to Living Room of Satoshi. It was launched back in May and lets people pay their domestic bills using the service. Until now, the service has facilitated more than AUD $5 million in paid household bills with crypto. This indicates that there is enough of a demand from the Australian market to pay bills using crypto.

New Ways to Spend Crypto Appearing Every Day

With every passing day, more companies are joining the crypto revolution and beginning to accept cryptocurrency payments. Most recently, a court in California set a hacker’s bail at 116.3 BTC and Destinia Travel added BTC and BCH as payment options. This wave of crypto adoption will spur on the next generation of crypto users and help the crypto community thrive. While paying your bail with crypto might not be your first choice of how to spend crypto, everyone can get on board with booking their flights with crypto that’s for sure.
In an age where there are plenty of merchant accounts to help businesses and organizations accept cryptocurrencies, it is surprising that more companies aren’t using them. Thanks to unique partnerships such as this – and voucher systems – people who wish to transition to a life of just cryptocurrencies are free to do so without it affecting their lifestyles. We hope that more companies begin to accept cryptos through these simplistic solutions.