Justin Sun Announces Project to Attract 100 Million New Users

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Justin Sun is the king of “partnerships” and whenever Sun announces on, TRX happens to pump massively. In fact, Sun has become so renowned for his announcements, that he promised to cut back on it. In what appears to be a breach of his own good word, Sun posted yet another fresh announcement on his Twitter page promoting his brand-new product. His new mystery product is allegedly so good, that at conservative estimates it will draw in a fresh 100 million users!

Something to do With Live Video Streaming

While Sun was very secretive in his announcement on Twitter, he believed that his brand-new product will create more than 100 million new users – a fact that’s on the conservative side, allegedly. Sun announced his new project alongside BitTorrent and DLive, both are live streaming content platforms. If Sun is telling the truth and he has a killer project in the works, we could be looking at a blockchain based version of Netflix – say bye, bye to needing a VPN to access certain content.

Knowing Sun, it’s a Marketing Stunt

Sadly, Justin Sun is the king of bullshit, and he has announced announcements in a bid to pump up the TRX token and therefore his wealth. He has tested his investors faith many times over the past few years, with many resorting to calling them sheep. There is some truth in calling Sun followers sheep in the sense they can’t see through his lies and blatant marketing scams designed to pump up the TRX token. If you’re smart, you will buy TRX when Sun is quiet and sell when he spouts out news about a new project or partnership.

Will Anything Happen?

Knowing Justin Sun and the Tron network, it’s likely that nothing will happen in the short-term. We could see some form of live streaming platform go live in the next six months or so, but it’s unlikely that it will rival the likes of Netflix any time soon. If you’re wise, you will take Sun’s Tweets with a pinch of salt – he can’t find 100 million users in a few months!