Aura Blockchain Consortium Announces New CEO

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  • The Louis Vuitton-backed Aura Blockchain Consortium has announced Romain Carrere as its new CEO
  • Carrere specializes in helping luxury brands enter the web3 space
  • The CEO will help the consortium implement its next phase of growth

The luxury brand-backed Aura Blockchain Consortium has appointed Romain Carrere as the new CEO to help, among other things, steer its next phase of growth. Carrere, a tech entrepreneur experienced in helping traditional luxury brands maneuver the web3 space, will also assume general secretary roles. The consortium includes brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Mercedes-Benz Group, a sign that luxury-focused companies are ready to explore the blockchain world.

Ready to Bring More People

According to the consortium chairman Lorenzo Bertelli, Carrere’s extensive professional tech background will help the organization achieve its vision. Accepting the appointment, Carrere expressed his excitement saying he’s ready to bring more people to the decentralized world.

He also pledged to improve the customer experience for luxury brands exploring the web3 space. The new CEO will be taking over from Daniela Ott whom Bertelli congratulated for laying the consortium’s foundation.

The consortium was created in 2021 to offer NFT and other services on an Ethereum-compatible private blockchain. Some luxury brands that have leveraged the platform include Louis Vuitton which recently unveiled its NFT-linked Treasure Trunks.

Traditional Brands Not Welcome

Some traditional brands joining the web3 space have experienced an unwelcome response from the community largely due to a wrong approach. Car maker Porsche, for example, was criticized for unveiling expensive inaugural digital collectibles forcing it to ditch the NFT collection.

Brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Lacoste have however registered considerable acceptance from the web3 community with Nike leading the pack.

With conventional brands seeking to enter the blockchain space, the appointment of a tech-savvy CEO will help the consortium’s members have a smooth entry into the decentralized world.