Nike’s First .Swoosh Collection Records Over $1 Million in Sales

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  • Nike’s NFT platform .Swoosh has surpassed $1 million in sales despite a glitchy start
  • Nike opened the platform to a selected few on May 15  during the First Access round
  • Between May 15 and 26, the platform recorded over 66,000 NFT sales with each retailing at $19.82

Nike’s NFT platform .Swoosh has surpassed $1 million in sales despite a glitchy start. The sportswear maker opened the platform to the early birds on May 15 during what Nike called First Access round before activating the General Access round on May 24. Despite postponing the launch date for both rounds, the platform has registered the sale of more than 66,000 collectibles in less than two weeks.

One Collector Holds 50 NFTs

The NFTs’ price was meant to act as a remembrance of the year, 1982, when Nike launched Air Force 1. Despite the high NFT sales, Nike has insinuated that the sale didn’t match the interest seen when it launches physical sneakers. In a tweet, the company urged interested buyers to hurry up and purchase an Our Force 1 (OF1) box. 

According to Polygonscan, 70,943 out of a total of 106,453 OF1 boxes have already been minted as of the time of writing. The boxes are held by 41,715 addresses with the top address holding 50 boxes.

Websites Crashes and Transaction Delays

The First Access round was marred with technical issues with interested buyers complaining of issues with two-factor authorization and website crashes. Unfortunately, the opening of the General Access round was also met with transaction delays that Nike attributed to high user traffic.

The inaugural sales on the platform come three weeks after Basketball legend LeBron James was spotted wearing NFT-linked Nike sneakers. The sports giant announced the Web 3.0 platform six months ago and four years after being awarded a patent for the CryptoKicks blockchain platform. 

With Nike’s success in selling the NFTs, it’s to be seen whether all the OF1 boxes will be scooped up before the sale deadline on June 1.