David Bowie-inspired NFT Sells for 96.5 ETH

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  • An NFT honouring David Bowie has fetched 96.5 ETH, worth $127,000
  • The piece, Bowie by FEWOCiOUS, is part of a collaboration between the David Bowie estate and Opensea
  • The 15-piece collection honours Bowie’s life, work and legacy

An NFT created to honour legendary British pop artist David Bowie sold for 96.5 ETH ($127,000) on Opensea yesterday, making it the most valuable piece so far sold in a special collection. Bowie by FEWOCiOUS is one of the 15 pieces in the ‘Bowie on the Blockchain’ collection, which is a collaboration between Bowie’s estate and the popular NFT exchange, that has seen nine creators honour the musician in their own way.

Bowie-esque Piece Reflects Musician’s Creative Process

FEWOCiOUS’ piece comprises an animated video clip showing a sculpture clothed in the pop legend’s signature suits. According to the FEWOCiOUS, Bowie created and lived in his own world, which he tried to capture in the dreamscape:

“I thought it was so cool that he always was what he wanted to be. And created a world that he wanted to live in. That’s really the feeling I try to capture in my art. To my community & me, Bowie felt like hope. He taught me how to grow out of the world that always told me ‘no.’”

Other pieces in the collection include work by artist Defaced, which seesa 12-hour clock showcase six parts of the pop legend’s life. Bowie in the blockchain was listed on Opensea on September 30 and interest has been slowly growing, with bids for pieces rapidly going from single to double digit ETH valuations, with Bowie by FEWOCiOUS blowing them out of the water.

The sale is scheduled to run until November 3. Proceeds from the sale go to eradicating hunger and poverty through an organisation called CARE, where Bowie’s wife is an advocate.

Bowie is the Latest in a Growing Line

Bowie’s re-emergence on blockchain follows a trend by celebrity estates’ managers looking to resurrect celebrities using NFTs after their death. Others who have followed this path include Biggie Smalls’ estate, which released an NFT collection in July as a way of providing rare access to an unreleased song from the artist.

Whitney Houston’s estate has also released an NFT as a way to sell her unreleased song, showing that the medium of NFTs is certainly a growing trend when it comes to issuing rare music.