You Can Now Swap Your $UNI Tokens at changeangel!

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Changeangel has successfully listed $UNI on its exchange
  • By listing $UNI, changeangel has made it easier than ever before to get in and out of $UNI
  • Known as the swp exchange for social good, changeangel donates a portion of non-ico swap fees back to projects

Uniswap has emerged as a player in the ERC-20 swap exchange market, gaining millions of followers thanks to the DeFi hype. Last week, Uniswap decided to airdrop 400 $UNI to all of its long-term users (anyone who used the platform before September), effectively handing out thousands of dollars overnight.

Less than a week later, everyone’s favorite swap exchange, changeangel, decided to list $UNI, saving you the headache of swapping your $UNI on Uniswap for an unknown amount – how cool is that!

The Binance Issue

My very fortunate colleague, Mark, managed to get his hands on some $UNI from this airdrop and decided to send them to Binance, where his total pot would have been worth around $250, after fees. The issue was that other exchanges were unable to keep up with the price changes in the hours following the airdrop, creating a great arbitrage opportunity.

But, this came with issues of its own, people were selling for a fraction of $UNI’s true value, so the need for a better method of swapping tokens was needed. In steps changeangel.

Listing Tokens and Writing Checks

So far, changeangel hasn’t charged a project a penny, meaning that it was totally free for Uniswap to list its token on changeangel. Now, if you want to cash out your $UNI and get your hands on some delectable Bitcoin or DigiByte, you can head on over to changeangel’s super easy to use platform and swap with ease. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll get for your $UNI tokens and the transaction will take place as quickly as possible – no hanging around.

Best of all, if you want to get your hands on some $UNI to try and catch the next moon pump, you can swap your other coins into $UNI just as easily, creating a solid $UNI on-ramp. Add in the fact that changeangel gives back a portion of the swap fees collected to non-ico projects and you know you’ve got yourself a winning trade.

Helping Uniswap Grow by Supporting Other Exchanges

When you swap to $UNI on changeangel, a slice of your fees will get wrapped up and sent back off to Uniswap, helping the platform grow over time. You still help Uniswap by exchanging directly on the platform, but this cuts your fees down while maintaining your support – the perfect storm!