Who Will Challenge the Big Boys in the Hunt for the Killer dApp?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Decentralized applications (dApps) will, in the eyes of many, be what kickstarts the blockchain revolution. Yes, it’s great for tracking lettuces, helping airlines maximize their budgets and buying affordable housing in Kenya, but it’s clear that what blockchain and crypto is waiting for is a killer app, that game or service that bursts through and takes the world by storm, literally putting blockchain in people’s faces. We’ve had Cryptokitties, but all that managed to kill was the Ethereum blockchain.
Where this killer app will come from we don’t know, but the beauty of blockchain and crypto is that it could come from anywhere. Many of us know about the big players in the dApp space, such as Ethereum, NEO and EOS, but what about the little guys? Are there any killer platforms out there waiting in the wings to give us the breakthrough moment? We look at three upstarts hoping to earn their ticket to the big time.


Chromapolis from ChromaWay is a dApp hosting platform for games and business applications. It comes from a company with a great track record in the space. ChromaWay have been issuing tokens since the blockchain was known as Bitcoin 2.0 (this was 2012), and have used their experience to create a product that, in their words, will “revolutionize the world of decentralized apps”.
Chromapolis uses a ‘relational blockchain’ which combines a blockchain with a relational database, which they say is the “best in class for flexibility, versatility and consistency.” This combination will allow developers from all over the world to build dApps for any organization or market, regardless of size or audience.

dApp Builder

The aptly-named dApp Builder platform has a bold ambition to be the “Wordpress of blockchain”, and it’s clear to see how it intends to accomplish this. Ease of use is their USP here, with users (primarily businesses) able to create dApps and tokens on the Ethereum blockchain with no prior coding knowledge required. dApp Builder is founded by iBuildApp, a popular mobile app building program, so the team certainly know what they’re talking about when it comes to the creation of the apps. As well as a building tool, the platform will have a dApp marketplace where users can buy dApps for their business.


x42 is a sleek-looking competitor with some impressive credentials under the hood. Not only does their blockchain feature near instant transactions, those transactions are completely fee-free, something not many platforms can boast. Developers can test their creations on a side chain identical to the main network to iron out any bugs before going live, which x42 claim can scale “infinitely” with the size of the project. Developers will then be able to launch their dApp on the x42 marketplace.
Masternodes will power the x42 platform, with three tiers of masternode available to reward operators, although staking is also available to regular holders, earning them money for holding the coin.

Will There be a Winner?

With all three protocols offering something different, it will be interesting to see if any can rival the big players in the search for that elusive ‘killer app’ and cement their name in blockchain folklore.