You Can Buy Delicious Portuguese Honey with Crypto!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mass adoption of the top cryptocurrencies is going to happen in our lifetime and we can see it growing with every passing day. For online businesses, it’s easier than ever to accept cryptocurrencies thanks to the plethora of crypto payment gateways out there that are simplifying the whole process. If you’re a crypto spendthrift and a honey lover, you’re going to get rather excited about DrApis and his premium homemade honey. Now available all over the globe with international shipping, DrApis is accepting a range of cryptos to make sure your honey is extra sweet.

BitPay is Leading the Way

While DrApis might be using CoinPayments to allow his customers to pay for their golden honey in crypto, a lot of merchants are turning to BitPay. BitPay is one of the easiest crypto payment gateways to integrate and it allows merchants to receive fiat instantly while customers pay in crypto. This makes BitPay ideal for merchants that don’t want any exposure to crypto volatility, but still want to engage the crypto traffic. CorporateTraveller is just one of many sites that has opted for the BitPay option.

Travel the Globe on Bitcoin

Much like the honey from DrApis’ farm, you too can travel the world on the back of cryptocurrency. TravelbyBit is now accepting cryptocurrencies for flight and hotel bookings, giving crypto hodlers a chance to enjoy their crypto a little more. On top of launching crypto payments, TravelbyBit launched a brand-new and easy to use website at the same time – the perfect way to get into the crypto world. Who knows, you could pay for your flight in Bitcoin and then have the plane refueled with blockchain technology!

Big Brands are Doing it Too

It’s not just small online shops that are accepting cryptos, it’s big companies too. Back in May, Whole Foods announced that it’s taking part in a crypto payment pilot program led by Flexa and Gemini. The supermarket giant will install a software that lets its POS systems create QR codes that can be scanned by shoppers looking to pay in crypto. It’s one of the biggest firms to date that has picked up the crypto payments torch, and we’re excited to see where it could lead.

If you love all-natural honey, DrApis sells some of the best honey around. Try out his new crypto payments and bag yourself a nice tasty treat in time to start the new week.