Are You Hodling a Unique EtherLambo?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Blockchain-based collectibles are all the rage, and thanks to Crypto Kitties it’s a trend that’s growing in number every week. Chances are you’ve heard about Crypto Kitties, but have you got yourself a unique and epic EtherLambo yet? EtherLambos gives you the chance to get your hands on a truly unique and one of a kind Lambo collectible based on the Ethereum blockchain. There are seven models to pick from, each with a limited supply and the ability to be modified to become truly unique.

Trading, Tuning, and Collecting Your Lambos

Each model of Lambo that you can purchase from EtherLambos has a limited amount of prints meaning you own one of a handful of unique cars. Then, you can upgrade various aspects of the car to make it your own and truly unique. Simply head into your car collection and hit the “Tune” button. From here, you can pick cool upgrades and tuning options, making your Lambo truly one of a kind.

Playing with Your Lambos on the Go

What fun is having a cool Lambo without being able to show it off? Well, thanks to MetaMask’s brand new mobile application, Lambo holders can see, tune, and sell their cars directly from their mobile device. The MetaMask mobile app syncs all your data with your desktop client, meaning that all of your cars will update on all devices. Don’t worry about making a change to your Lambo and not being able to access it on another device, as this mobile app has you covered.

Collectibles Hitting the Blockchain

While you’ll never be able to drive these truly unique Lambos, you can enjoy them as a car collector. In fact, it’s not just cars that are landing on the blockchain – all sorts of collectibles are. Back in 2018, the LA Dodgers gave out special cards that entitled recipients to claim a unique blockchain-based collectible bobblehead. The digital bobbleheads can be transferred to any Ethereum wallet and traded on exchanges as part of a set. Lucid Sight has also teamed up with Major League Baseball (MLB) to bring more blockchain collectibles to the baseball world. In an era of falling attendance and fewer sales at merchandise stores, it’s vital for the MLB to pivot to a new digital revenue stream.

EtherLambos are fun collectibles based on the Ethereum-blockchain and give car enthusiasts another outlet for their creativity. Pairing your EtherLambos with your MetaMask mobile app will allow you to keep enjoying your cars on the go, meaning the fun never ends!