Crypto YouTuber Beaten at Home Following Death Threats

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A popular Korean crypto YouTuber has been beaten up in his apartment elevator in Seoul, with out-of-pocket investors suspected to be behind. Hwang Kyu-hoon, known as ‘Spunky’, was set upon by two assailants in the early hours of Friday morning in an attack that landed in him in hospital, following a series of death threats after investors incurred losses in one of Kyu-hoon’s operations.

Investors Unhappy with Crypto Channel

Kyu-hoon is the creator of and chief broadcaster on Spunky’s Bitcoin Broadcasting YouTube channel, a popular Korean show with almost 60,000 subscribers. Kyu-hoon is also heavily involved in several other crypto entities, including the Bit Stick crypto community, crypto marketing company Bit Gosu, and the Coin Runners paid program, with the latter enterprise seemingly being where Kyu-hoon made his enemies.

Few details are known about Coin Runners, but it seems that it was a crypto channel that launched in 2017 with two levels of memberships – free and paid. There are suggestions that early members paid significantly more than later members, compounded by the fact that they incurred losses on top of their membership fees. They were also apparently asked to bring analysis from other crypto traders and potentially profitable ICOs to the group rather than it being provided to them.

Coindesk Korea cites an insider as saying that, “There are members who threaten and threaten to kill employees”, presumably on the basis that they were not getting the service they had paid for.

Watch Out Sunny Decree…

This case, were it to be linked to disgruntled investors, would be the first time a crypto influencer has been physically attacked for their actions, which is ironic seeing as there are plenty out there who are deserving of some kind of punishment for the shitcoins they peddle to unknowing investors.

Thankfully the crypto bear market has ensured that some of them have packed up and gone home, or at least dialled back their shameless shilling and taken a more circumspect approach to it, and if this attack makes just one of them change their ways permanently then perhaps it was a sacrifice worth making.