Wright vs McCormack Trial Begins

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  • The long-awaited Wright vs McCormack trial began yesterday over video link
  • Craig Wright sued Peter McCormack in April 2019 when McCormack called Wright a fraud
  • The case is to judge whether McCormack’s comments hurt Wright’s reputation in the UK

Yesterday witnessed the start of Wright vs McCormack libel case as the pretrial hearing of the much-anticipated trial got underway. The affair itself was largely procedural, but, against the backdrop of a Bitcoin all time high of $50,500, it provided a reminder that a potentially monumental day of reckoning for one of the two is imminent.

Wright Demanded £100,000 and Apology

Wright vs McCormack dates back to April 2019 when egotistical narcissist self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright went on a lawsuit spree after members of the cryptocurrency community began en masse to claim that the boastful and aggressive Wright wasn’t in fact shy and retiring Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright demanded that McCormack recant his assertion that Craig Wright is a fraud and pay over £100,000 ($138,800), which McCormack failed to do, leading us to today and some rather dry legal back and forth over video link. Any hopes that a quick resolution to Wright vs McCromack seem to have been dashed as the main thrust of the pre-trial hearing was to decide on which evidence could be submitted.

Wright vs McCormack Will Not Decide Bitcoin Creation Debate

Redditor primepatterns covered the pre-trial hearing on the platform and revealed that McCormack presented a 1,000-document trove to argue that he as a lone individual could not have damaged Wright’s reputation when so many others had made the exact same claims of Wright being a fraud, both before and since his comments.

Another interesting submission was a 9,000-page dossier submitted by Wright which McCormack claimed related to “the supposed fixing of the 2020 US election.”

The outcome of the trial itself will only point to one thing – whether McCormack’s allegations of Wright not being Nakamoto damaged his reputation in the UK – but the BSV community will use a victory by Wright to proclaim that he is now legally affirmed to be the Bitcoin creator, despite the judge not being able to rule on this matter in any context either way.

The Wright vs McCormack pre-trial hearing is expected to conclude tomorrow, where the date for the trial proper should be set.