Community Rallies Round Twitter User Sued by Craig Wright

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Craig Wright, the man who has repeatedly claimed to be Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto without offering any verifiable proof, has been good to his word and sued a Twitter user for harassment after the user perpetrated a “targeted campaign” against him. No sooner had word got out about the lawsuit than the crypto community rallied round, including some big players in the space, in support of the user, Hodlonaut.

Wright’s Claims Lack Backing

Wright has claimed for years that he is the creator of Bitcoin, but various bodies, including WikiLeaks, have offered proof that he has forged records in order to bolster his claim, while he has also been recently accused of trying to buy original Bitcoin mining wallets to bolster his claim. His latest action however seems to have crossed a line with the community, who have come out in support of Hodlonaut in their droves:

CZ Threatens Delisting

Two hashtags became suddenly popular within the community in order to spread the word, #WeAreAllHodlonaut and #CraigWrightIsAFraud, although the latter has been doing the rounds for some time. Even Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao got in on the act, threatening to delist Wright’s Bitcoin SV project if his behavior continued in the same vein:

Wright’s Demands

Wright has stated that he wants Hodlonaut to tweet an apology to him and make a statement in open court apologizing to Wright, while also acknowledging the falsity of the allegations made against him. Wright’s lawyer reiterated the claims made by Wright, namely that he wrote the Bitcoin whitepaper, sent the first BTC to Hal Finney, and played an integral role in its development, adding that, “He (Wright) has explained his role in detail on previous occasions.” Sadly for Wright, it seems that the community aren’t simply going to take an explanation of an event as proof of its happening, and the more he attacks the community the less likely he is to ever be believed. If the case does go to court however, it seems that Hodlonaut will be well looked after:

What do you think? Is Craig Wright really Satoshi Nakamoto, or is he an egomaniacal bully who got rich by chance? Let us know your thoughts below!