Web 3.0 Woundup – 18/12/22

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This week’s Web 3.0 woundup sees Opera making Web 3.0 sites safer for browsers, Apple planning third-party apps that would benefit metaverse and NFT projects, and Donald Trump launching…well, no one quite knows. But each one costs $99. Onwards!

Opera Develops Web 3.0 Tools

Popular internet browser Opera this week launched tools meant to secure users who frequent Web 3.0 platforms using the browser. Dubbed Web 3 Guard, the tools are intended to sniff malicious decentralized applications (dApps) and other schemes used by hackers and scammers in the Web 3.0 world.

The tools come a few days after Opera unveiled new features enabling users to interact with the NFT world from a central point.

Apple’s Plan to Embrace Third-Party Apps a Win for NFTs

Rumors abounded this week that tech heavyweight Apple is reportedly considering allowing applications from outside the App Store to run on iOS-powered devices, especially those operated by users in the European Union (EU).

This is in response to new EU regulations meant to level the ground for all players on the field. NFTs and crypto, which have been subject to a 30% Apple tax, are among potential beneficiaries of the move.

Donald Trump Launches Extraordinary NFT Collection

The crypto world was left gobsmacked by the launch by former U.S. president Donald Trump of an NFT collection that is set to raise him over $4 million. Trump, who is already facing complaints that the money raised to fund his battle to get the 2020 election overturned has been swallowed up by the Trump corporation, announced the series yesterday, with each ‘trading card’ costing a staggering $99.

Buyers stand the chance to win autographed materials, a Zoom meeting, a golfing day at one of his courses, and even dinner with the disgraced former reality TV host – for $4,455. The audacity of the grift, which sees interested buyers having to hand over nearly three figures for ONE Polygon-minted NFT, is staggering to behold, as are the images used for the collection, which show him in a range of superhero-like poses and costumes.