Magic Eden Announces Bitcoin Ordinals Creator NFT Launchpad

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Magic Eden has announced a launchpad to support Bitcoin NFT creators
  • The new platform also seeks to ignite the growth of tokenized assets on the lead blockchain
  • The launchpad comes a few days after Magic Eden launched a Bitcoin NFT marketplace

Popular NFT Marketplace Magic Eden has announced a launchpad to support NFT creators on the Bitcoin blockchain, two weeks after unveiling a Bitcoin Ordinals Marketplace. The new platform, scheduled for launch today April 7, also seeks to promote the growth of tokenized assets on the Bitcoin network which “is the grandfather of all blockchains.” However, the platform will start by allowing creators to sell NFTs they’ve already inscribed on the blockchain with the option to create a Bitcoin Ordinals inscription available on request.

Listening on the Ground Level 

According to Magic Eden’s marketing head Tiffany Huang, the new platform is a result of listening to the Ordinals community. Huang revealed they’re “on the ground level listening” to the community’s needs, adding they’re committed to providing the “expertise and resources” needed to meet the needs.

The first project on the launchpad is Deadjira, a clone of the Ethereum-based Godjira NFT project, with Magic Eden promising to add more projects in the coming week. Another project in the pipeline is Solana-powered Genopets.

Among the features offered by the Bitcoin launchpad include the ability for Ordinals creators to filter wallets allowed to participate in minting their creations. However, the services aren’t for free with a Magic Eden representative disclosing to Decrypt that the amount charged “varies by deal.”

A Flourishing Bitcoin-based Tokenized Ecosystem

Although the Bitcoin community is yet to reach a consensus on whether NFTs are beneficial to the network, Ordinals inscriptions continue to rise with major NFT giants like Yuga Labs unveiling a Bitcoin-powered collection. The project has even shifted from powering digital artworks to creating fungible tokens, with the Ordinals fever crossing over to Litecoin, a Bitcoin fork.

With the Bitcoin Ordinals project being a few months old, more entities  will join the space to support creators and collectors to encourage a flourishing tokenized ecosystem on a platform Magic Eden COO calls the “grandfather of all blockchains.”