Opera Develops Tools to Mitigate Web 3.0 Risks

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The Opera browser has developed tools meant to secure Web 3.0 users from attacks
  • The browser wants to protect against malicious dApps and schemes
  • Opera users can get notified whenever they try accessing a dApp with questionable behavior

Popular internet browser Opera has launched tools meant to secure users who frequent Web 3.0 platforms using the browser. Dubbed Web 3 Guard, the tools are intended to sniff malicious decentralized applications (dApps) and other schemes used by hackers and scammers in the Web 3.0 world. The tools come a few days after Opera unveiled new features enabling users to interact with the NFT world from a central point.

Browsers Can’t Handle the Complexity of Web 3.0

According to Opera, Web 3 Guard is a “suite of browser security features designed to bulletproof the browsing experience for Web 3 users.” The tools look for, among other things, a security hole in a dApp’s code or a web page targeting to steal the seed phrase of a user’s cryptocurrency wallet. Opera then warns a user against visiting a potentially compromised platform. 

Web 3 Guard also checks whether a crypto recipient is among known wallets controlled by hackers and scammers and informs the sender. Opera’s Senior Product Manager Danny Yao observed that the current breed of browsers is not able “to handle the complexity of Web 3,” forcing Opera to look for ways to provide security to Web 3.0 users on its platform. 

Complexity Hinders Adoption

Yao added that available Web 3.0-focused products are complex to use, thus making them not beneficial to those who need them most. Other new features on Opera include support for Unstoppable Domain handles, MultiversX, and Binance Connect P2P payments meant to bring crypto payments closer to people in emerging markets.

Web 3 Guard helps in the browser’s push to become the leading browser for cryptocurrency users, and comes two weeks after cybersecurity firm Kaspersky observed that metaverse-based crimes are likely to increase in 2023.