Crypto World Agog at Trump NFT Collection

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  • The crypto world has responded with a collective sense of shock and awe at the launch of the Donald Trump Digital Trading Card collection
  • Trump’s “important announcement” was that he is trying to grift his supporters into buying some atrocious NFT drawings of him in return for the chance to win some prizes
  • Each NFT is priced at an astounding $99

The crypto world has been left gobsmacked by the launch by former U.S. president Donald Trump of an NFT collection that is set to raise him over $4 million. Trump, who is already facing complaints that the money raised to fund his battle to get the 2020 election overturned has been swallowed up by the Trump corporation, announced the series yesterday, with each ‘trading card’ costing a staggering $99. Buyers stand the chance to win autographed materials, a Zoom meeting, a golfing day at one of his courses, and even dinner with the disgraced former reality TV host – for $4,455.

$99 Price Tag Won’t Put off Some Loyalists

Trump’s announcement on his social media platform of the “official Donald Trump Digital Trading Card” collection was so baffling that it left many wondering if it was actually real, or if the video announcing the collection was instead a deepfake. The audacity of the grift, which sees interested buyers having to hand over nearly three figures for ONE Polygon-minted NFT, is staggering to behold, as are the images used for the collection, which show him in a range of superhero-like poses and costumes:

The images, which are the modern day version of a flattering portrait of the queen, were accompanied by a video which explained, in the most info-mercial way possible, what buyers were getting when they picked one, or more, up:

The video, in which Trump says he hopes people think he was a better president that Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, referenced an “important announcement”. This turned out to be the launch of the Trump Digital Trading Cards, which Trump described as having “incredible” artwork pertaining to his “life and career”.

The purchase of any card for just $99, which, according to Trump, “doesn’t sound like much for what you’re getting”, comes with a chance to win a number of prizes, but there’s a special prize if you splash out almost $4,500 and buy 45 cards in one go – an invitation to “a dinner with the President.”

Reaction Was as Bad as Anticipated

As expected, the response to the Donald Trump Digital Trading Card Collection was…bad:

Even Trump supporters weren’t thrilled with the move:

To figure out the ‘play’, you need look no further than the end of the video, where Trump states his belief that the 45,000 cards “will be gone” soon, and urges viewers to pick one, or more up, so he can pocket his portion of the $4.4 million it will generate. If they sell out.

Nice work if you can get it.