Verge Completes Halving to Cut Miner Reward in Half!

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Verge has successfully completed its latest halving, cutting the block reward in half
  • Miners on the Verge blockchain will now receive 200$XVG instead of 400$XVG per block
  • The next Verge halving is due to take place in six months time!

Verge is one of the most popular blockchains for payments thanks to its low fees, speedy transactions and multi-platform support. Featuring state-of-the-art blockchain security, true decentralization and no central company running the show, you can use Verge with total confidence.

On July 12, Verge completed its latest halving, taking the mining reward from 400$XVG down to 200$XVG. Miners can continue to use any of the five supported mining scripts to mint fresh XVG with their mining rigs.

Are You Using Verge? Why Not!

If you care about your privacy, but don’t like the hassle of making secure payments, then you really should check out Verge. Featuring Tor IP obfuscation and dual-key stealth addressing, you can rest assured that no unwanted people will be snooping in your stacks of XVG. Best of all, you can already send XVG to people on Twitter, Discord and even Telegram without installing anything – making adopting XVG incredibly easy.

Next Halving Countdown Already Under Way

In case you don’t know much about Verge, you’ll be excited to know that Verge undergoes a halving every six months. This keeps the PoW blockchain moving forwards, while allowing plenty of time for transaction numbers to get the required level where miners can be profitable without the need for block rewards. In just five years, the total block reward will be 0.1953125$XVG, which at the current price of XVG is € 0.001036 – definitely not enough to sustain mining.

Over the course of the five years, Verge will undergo a huge expansion, and as long as Verge adoption continues to increase at its current rate, miners will remain highly profitable thanks to two factors. The first being the inevitable price increase of XVG and the second being the number of transactions inside each block. These transactions will allow miners to remain profitable – something that Bitcoin still needs to sort out.

Try Verge for Yourself!

Getting your very own Verge wallet up and running takes a couple of minutes. Simply download the application installer for your device from the official Verge website and follow the onscreen instructions. Then to fill your wallet you can take your other tokens and coins, head over to changeangel and swap them into XVG. As a reward for using changeangel, a portion of the fees collected will go straight back to Verge, allowing this amazing project to continue growing and developing new features.