Craig Wright Told to Prove He Can Afford Pineapple Case Costs

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  • Craig Wright has been told to prove he can afford to fight his pineapple hack case
  • Wright has sued a bunch of Bitcoin, eCash, and Bitcoin SV developers after billions of dollars worth of crypto assets were supposedly stolen
  • The UK High Court didn’t believe he had access to the Tulip Trust ‘fortune’

Craig Wright has been told to prove he has the wherewithal to pay legal costs to a series of developers should he lose his case against them after a judge ruled that the court couldn’t take on faith that he had the money. Wright is suing more than a dozen Bitcoin, eCash, and BSV developers over billions of dollars in BTC and BSV he claims was stolen from him in February 2020, demanding that the developers extract the coins from the blockchain and hand them back to him. High Court Master Julia Clark ruled that Wright must first prove he can pay any legal costs should he lose after failing to believe his claims of ownership of the famous Tulip Trust which he says contains $47 billion worth of BTC and BSV.

Wright ‘Victim’ of History’s Biggest Heist

Wright claims that in February 2020 his home security systems were breached, his computer network infiltrated, and the private keys to the wallets containing the haul, which by today’s valuation would make it the single biggest heist in human history, stolen from him. The contents of the wallets, which everyone else knows as the 1Feex wallet associated with the Mt. Gox hack, have lain untouched since 2011, but Wright still claims they were stolen from him.

Wright launched legal action against the developers by claiming that they should essentially hack into the blockchain and hand him back the coins, breaking a central tenet of the Bitcoin premise, something he has been planning since August 2019.

The Bills Keep Mounting

The case is being heard in the UK where Wright lives, meaning that, unlike in the U.S., public information is hard to come by. An update was posted yesterday however by Greg Maxwell under his Reddit account:

It’s worth remembering that Wright already owes $100 million to W&K Info Defense, which could rise to more than $143 million, which he has so far shown no sign of paying. While he will likely be able to find the money from somewhere (*cough* Calvin Ayre *cough*) to prove he can finance any legal costs to the other side, the fact that the courts are not accepting his version of events even at this early stage and are asking for proof is a good sign that he won’t prevail with the tissue of lies that has plagued his efforts to claim recognition as Satoshi Nakamoto.