VeChain Teams Up with HBO and Adidas For Limited Edition Sneakers

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VeChain has been teaming up with some major brands around the globe over the past few months in a bid to help secure their supply chains and add some cool features to products. However, the biggest and most original partnership yet has definitely got to be its latest between HBO and Adidas to create a limited edition set of Game of Thrones-themed sneakers. There will be four pairs created, one for each of the houses and one for the Night King. The shoes will come equipped with VeChain’s My Story dApp that will allow owners to track the supply chain of the shoes to verify their authenticity.

VeChain Securing Legendary Shoes

With these shoes being sold in limited quantities, securing the supply chain and preventing fakes from entering the market is vital. VeChain is deploying its wildly popular My Story dApp via an NFC chip. Owners of the sneakers will be able to scan the NFC chip and load up information about the shoes, including manufacture date, a certificate of authenticity, as well as a unique behind the scenes video of the design process. Once again, VeChain is bringing its powerful tech to the table and helping customers get a new level of experience from a product.


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Verifying the World with My Story

My Story has been deployed by some of the biggest names around the world, including top Italian wineries. Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino Wines, and West Wind Wines have attached VeChain’s My Story dApp to their bottles of wines – allowing consumers to verify authenticity and discover unique information about each bottle. VeChain hasn’t stopped there, it recently signed a deal with Haier to install My Story on its white goods to prevent fake versions entering the market. VeChain is hard at work keeping the retail market safe, secure, and legitimate.

Get Your Hands on a Pair

If you’re the ultimate Game of Thrones fan, you’re going to want a pair of these sneakers. They will be going on display at the Marina Bay Sands hotel from April 17th until April 30th. Here, you can enter a competition to win one of the pairs, while the remaining four pairs will not be sold.


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VeChain is proving that there is a demand for blockchain technology in the supply chain industry and that if used correctly it can be wildly successful. Cathy Bessant – Bank of America CTO – will be eating her hat at the announcement, as she said that there are no good uses for blockchain technology. After labelling it “worthless”, we can only believe that she would like to retract this controversial statements.