You Can Now Verify Wine Quality Thanks to VeChain Technology

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Wine aficionados can now trace three top Italian wines back to their vineyard in order to verify the quality and authenticity. Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino Wines, and West Wind Wines have teamed up with VeChain to tag their bottles using its dApp – My Story. Bottles tagged with VeChain’s My Story tags will allow consumers to verify the authenticity and quality of their wines. On top of this, consumers can retrieve a barrage of data about that specific bottle, such as how it was grown, bottled, stored, the type of grape used, and the owner of the vineyard.

VeChain Moving into Consumerism

VeChain’s foray into consumerism doesn’t end with a delicious bottle of wine. VeChain could be very close to tying up a partnership with H&M after a QR code scanning video drops some major hints. It would help H&M remove counterfeit products from the supply chain, as well as prevent items from going missing between the factory and shop floor. Speeding up and securing the supply chain is one of blockchain’s biggest assets, meaning H&M could be closer to a blockchain tie-up with VeChain sooner than we thought.

Working with Governments

In what was a very busy year for VeChain, it moved a step closer to helping the Cypriot government with its dream of becoming a blockchain island. Cyprus is longing to be like Gibraltar and Malta in being labelled a blockchain island, so it has called in the big guns to help out. VeChain is tipped to lead the project for the digitization of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC). This would be a huge project for VeChain and would be a tremendous feather in its cap.

Supply Chain Management Turning to Blockchain

If 2018 was anything to go by, 2019 could be a huge year for VeChain and other blockchain organizations that are teaming up with the supply chain industry. Some of the biggest firms from around the world are all turning to blockchain to improve their supply chain management. De Beers – one of the world’s largest diamond mining, refiners, and retailers – has moved to put the majority of its diamonds on a blockchain and Walmart has done the same with its lettuce. All of these firms are using blockchain partners, and if this venture with three top Italian wineries goes well, VeChain could be getting the call-up.
Being able to track the authenticity of wine is crucial for aficionados, there are too many fakes available in supermarkets. Blockchain is making the wine industry safer and more enjoyable – after all, if you’re going to splash out $100 or more on a bottle of wine, you want to know it’s the real deal.