VeChain Signs Deal with World’s Largest Appliance Manufacturer

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VeChain, the Singapore-based supply chain management group, has announced a partnership with Haier, the world’s largest home appliances manufacturer, to utilize VeChain’s ‘My Story’ traceability application as the frontend of their Internet of Clothing (IoC) network. Haier owns well-known brands such as Casarte, GE Appliances, AQUA, and Candy, so VeChain’s hookup with the firm is a huge feather in their cap.

MyStory is already being used to track wine and evidence of a tie in with H&M has also done the rounds, so the Haier deal represents a broadening of the application’s reach, which will please supporters of the project.

Internet of Clothing

The Internet of Clothing, which was announced in 2018 by Haier, is a networked solution that provides users with intelligent services for the entire life cycle of clothing. Haier has acquired or partnered with clothing companies, apparel technology developers, and even dressing mirror manufacturers to create an ecosystem that takes the clothing ecosystem to almost scarily futuristic levels.

The new technology will allow washing machines to identify the clothing brand and composition of the clothes put into it, as well as automatically detecting the water hardness and temperature and apportioning the correct amount of detergent for the perfect wash. They are even creating smart wardrobes that can dry and deodorize clothes, as well as identifying the garments within them and suggesting matches using intelligent dressing mirrors that allow users to visualize and even buy the clothes through the device, all of which will be connected through the VeChain blockchain.

MyStory Takes Center Stage

MyStory, which was developed by VeChain in tandem with DNV GL, is already being used by Haier to allow consumers to get detailed information on their clothing, such as the source of the raw materials, the manufacturing process, and brand authenticity. This expansion of the partnership will see VeChain placed at the center of Haier’s next generation clothing solutions. The partnership will also be used to track, and ideally reduce, Haier’s carbon footprint, using VeChain’s carbon banking solution, which is already being used by BYD, a Shanghai-based electric car manufacturer.