Varanida Will Refund ICO Investors if Milestones Aren’t Met

Reading Time: 3 minutes

One thing that plagues the mind of all ICO investors is the question, will I ever see my money again? Over the years there have been countless ICO scams that have shaken the crypto world and investors don’t want to lose out again. This has ushered in an era of new ICOs, called the DAICOs – more on what a DAICO is later. Varanida’s decision to use a DAICO is finally putting the power back in investors hands, making them similar to certificated shareholders from the IPO process.

What is a DAICO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering (DAICO) essentially incorporates the best bits from a decentralized autonomous organization with an ICO. Vitalik Buterin created the idea and suggested that firms start using them in January 2018, but it has been a slow process as companies are not necessarily opting for this funding route.
Under the DAICO structure, investors can get involved in the development process of the project and can have their say by voting. The more DAICO tokens an individual has, the more votes they can cast. In addition to this, if an investor isn’t happy with how the development process is going – or it’s severely behind schedule and looks like it might fail – investors can vote to be refunded. If the quorum votes in favor of refund, then all investors will be given the opportunity to receive their money back. However, if you don’t want to cash out you can still let your investment ride.

DAICOs Weed Out Scams

Unfortunately, the ICO world is jam packed full of scams and dead-end projects. Any project that truly believes in its goals and is legitimate will most likely use a DAICO, as it gives investors the power to escape if they so wish. A scam wouldn’t want investors to have that option, so consider this the next time you want to invest in an ICO. While this logic doesn’t apply to all ICOs – there are some great ICOs out there at the moment – it is certainly something to think about before dropping your cash.

Say Goodbye to Bad Ads

We all hate ads that look spammy and are just irrelevant to us. Current ad networks do their best to only show us what we find useful, but some questionable marketing still slips through. Varanida is finally putting all the power back in the user’s hands. Users can select which types of ads they see and who gets to see their data. In return, ad users are rewarded with VAD – Varanida’s token – which can then be spent on goodies or converted into fiat or another crypto. This might seem like a bad idea on paper, but advertisers know that their ads will be shown to high-quality traffic and engagements on their ads are likely to be higher – so everyone’s a winner!

Ads Making Way for Crypto Mining Scrips?

A handful of websites have completely opted out of showing ads to their visitors and instead are running crypto mining scripts in the background. Now, the debate on whether this is ethical or not is still raging, but we believe that if you give the viewer the choice to run the script or not – and you adhere to their preference – then there is no harm. This new revenue stream could completely change the way free to use websites are funded. If a website implemented both forms and gave users a choice on which they use, then we could really see a new user-friendly internet emerging.
Finally, there is some great news for ICO investors, as they can now invest with minimal risk – this might even help the ICO market pick up after its poor year so far. On top of this, Varanida has the power and potential to revolutionize the way we interact with adverts on the web.