Tron Celebrates PornHub as Countless Child Abuse Videos Removed

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • MasterCard and Visa have left PornHub after a scathing New York Times article
  • With allegations of child abuse running rampant, Justin Sun decided to remind the world that Tron is on PornHub
  • The timing is a PR nightmare, with it coming across as if Justin Sun supports child pornography and the abuse of women

Justin Sun has had a bit of a field day reminding the crypto world that Tron is on PornHub’s list of accepted cryptocurrencies, but it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Over the past few weeks, MasterCard and Visa both dropped supporting payments to and from PornHub after a scathing New York Times article highlighted a ton of videos that contained children and women being assaulted.

After the two major payment rails pulled their support, PornHub switched to cryptocurrency only for its premium plans. Tron’s addition to the platform is purely due to the fact that Visa and MasterCard don’t condone the abuse of women or children in porn, not because it’s a popular cryptocurrency with a myriad of uses…

No Biggie for PornHub

PornHub isn’t really going to be hit by MasterCard and Visa pulling their ties with the platform. Instead, it’s the performers that will feel the hit more than anyone else. The performers who upload content will now have to adapt to a world of cryptocurrencies in order to receive their income.

Since the New York Times article was published, PornHub has also tightened its publishing rules and it has upped moderation standards. Thousands of content creators have been removed, along with hundreds of thousands of videos, some of which are totally legal.

Poor Timing for Tron

In a PR move that’s akin to accidentally playing one of PornHub’s videos during a business meeting at full volume, Tron really has put its foot in it. The timing and grandeur that Tron is giving this move is slightly concerning, as it comes across as Tron supports these videos and categories that Visa and MasterCard are rallying against.

Other cryptocurrencies have been listed on PornHub for years now, with Verge being one of the first to join the PornHub world. PornHub certainly fills a certain market that Tron fanboys, and Justin Sun, use heavily. With that in mind, it’s likely that we’ll quickly see Tron become PornHub’s most used cryptocurrency…