Justin Sun Hints Tron Can Go Negative by Comparing it to Oil…

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Justin Sun has once again decided to compare Tron to real-world items, this time taking on oil
  • It appears as if Justin Sun forgot that oil went negative back in April, or that he’s hinting at Tron’s future
  • If Tron goes to a negative value in the future, we’ll have to praise Justin Sun as a visionary

If you don’t know who Justin Sun is by now, then you’re probably better off. Justin Sun has made a career out of shilling his shitcoin project, Tron. Last week, Justin Sun compared Tron to Android, while likening Ethereum to iPhone.

This week, Justin Sun has made a rather baffling, yet amusing comparison. Justin Sun ended up comparing Bitcoin to digital gold and Tron to digital oil. After the infamous oil price crash earlier this year, where we actually saw oil trading at a negative value, Justin Sun probably has this one spot on – we all know Tron is a joke.

Oil Goes Negative, Justin…

It appears as if Justin Sun forgot about oil’s escapades back in April. After COVID caused a lot of the world to significantly reduce its consumption of oil-based goods, such as fuel, oil refineries cut their orders for oil. This resulted in oil depots filling up, but production didn’t slow down – it carried on at the same rate. This in turn forced oil to fall into the negative realms, and it can happen again, should the right circumstances prevail.


For the time being, Tron has not gone negative, but if Justin Sun’s Tweet is anything to go by, then he could be very well expecting it to do so. If this does happen, it would be a great time to load up your bags full of Tron as if it somehow makes its way back to a value worth more than $0, you’d make a fortune.

Will Sun Ever Get It Right?

You’ve got to appreciate what Justin Sun is trying to do, he’s trying to paint a picture where Tron is used around the world and is valued. But, for the time being, very few projects have actually built on Tron, and very few projects are even considering migrating to Tron. The platform just doesn’t have the same beans as Ethereum or VeChain.

If Justin Sun wants to compare it to an operating system or commodity, it should perhaps look at comparing itself to a cheap Chinese knockoff of Android or orange juice in the commodity world. There is a market for Tron, but your average joe really doesn’t want this sat in their portfolio, unless they’re taking a huge gamble on shitcoins…