This Week in Crypto – Terra, Satoshi, and Disney

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This week in the crypto world we saw mixed fortunes for Terraform Labs execs, the Satoshi trial start badly for a certain Australian on the witness stand, and Disney go Epic.

It’s not lookin’ good, bruv.

It’s not lookin’ good.

Do Kwon Stays While Han Chang-joon Departs

It was a tale of two extraditions this week as former Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon successfully appealed his extradition order after the Montenegran court found that it had all been too hasty. Like a collection of tree ents, the court will now take its time to assess the ruling, made last year, to extradite Kwon to South Korea and then the US to face charges of financial impropriety related to the collapse of the Terra platform.

This ruling came days after Terraform Labs’ former financial head honcho, Han Chang-joon, was shipped off to South Korea to face the music over his own involvement, with authorities citing multiple charges related to fraud in financial investment services, investments, and the capital market.

Some people get all the luck.

Disney Goes Epic for the Metaverse

Heather Morgan (aka Razzlekahn) will finally get her bid for stardom thanks to an Amazon-funded movie about the Bitfinex hack. Morgan and her beau, Ilya Lichtenstein, are allegedly the pair that robbed (or at least laundered the funds of) Bitfinex in 2016, and it seems that Amazon has decided that the pair are worthy of a movie.

Rumors that Razzlekhan will perform as part of the movie are utter nonsense we’ve just dreamed up, sadly.

Craig Wright Tangles Himself in Knots in Satoshi Trial

The long-awaited Satoshi Nakamoto identity trial started this week with the pretender to the crown, Craig Wright, trying to argue why hundreds of documents he submitted as evidence and found to be manipulated in fact weren’t. Or, rather, the ones that were weren’t done by him. And those that were done by him were done for legitimate reasons. And the ones done by other people were to try and out him as Satoshi. By offering evidence in support of his claim. As part of a huge conspiracy against him, which included the Australian Tax Office.

Oh, and Citrix has a massive bug where documents can get randomly spliced together without you knowing.

Just…don’t. We know.