Trade Like a Pro with the Koinfox Advanced Order System!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Profitably trading crypto is no easy task, even for the most experienced trader out there. With whales placing huge buy and sell orders, picking the right moment to take profits off the table can be rather difficult. That’s where pro crypto trading tools come in handy. Simply set up you desired conditions and let algorithms handle the rest for you.

Koinfox has just announced the latest version of its crypto trading tools that come with a wide range of advanced features, designed to help you trade as profitably as possible. In fact, the Koinfox system is so easy to use, it’s even suitable for complete novices to the crypto world.

Placing Advanced Orders on Top Exchanges

Koinfox isn’t another crypto exchange that you have to sign up to and swap all of your trading strategies, instead it’s a software system that you link up to your exchange API keys. This means you can keep your Binance, CoinCDX, OKEx, KuCoin or BitMEX account, and simply plug in Koinfox. This then lets you place advanced orders on these exchanges, when the exchanges themselves might not have the features, saving you a lot of time and work manually putting these orders in. Whether you want to auto schedule buy and sell cycles, place market entry orders with multiple exits or quickly view and realize your p/l, Koinfox makes it incredibly smooth.

Trading Market Cycles Like A Pro

At the moment, markets are trading in patterns. Imagine you can automatically take advantage of this by setting up auto buy orders at $9,500 and sell orders up at $10,000, $10,500 and $11,000. Once the cycle has been completed, the system will wait until the price dips back down to $9,500 and restarts the whole process without you needing to lift a finger. If you had this trade set up for the past 3 months, you would have made a complete killing – without lifting a finger, to boot!

Nothing Illegal or Scary

Using trading bots and algorithms can be scary, with many people believing they’re illegal. In fact, exchanges love to have algorithms and bots like Koinfox – otherwise exchanges wouldn’t develop APIs. These algorithms and bots place orders in between the spread, ensuring that markets carry on ticking over and orders get matched up. So, rather than worrying about the negative side of these types of tools, they’re well worth investigating and trying out.

Koinfox has just launched the latest version of its platform, giving you access to a whole host of advanced features that will help you trade like a pro and end up more profitable. Simply sign up, plug in your API keys and get started. For now, Koinfox only works with Binance and CoinCDX, but it’s actively working on adding support for OKEx, KuCoin and BitMEX.