Crypto YouTubers 2021 Predictions – Who Takes 1st Place?

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  • Crypto YouTubers are a first resource for newcomers to the crypto space, and they are followed by hundreds of thousands of people
  • Many of them have published their top picks for 2021
  • FullyCrypto conducted a meta analysis of 16 top content producers and compiled the results to find a winner

Finding the killer project that will make you rich is the holy grail of every crypto investor, and as a result many of us turn to third parties for insight. Crypto YouTubers are followed by hundreds of thousands of crypto investors, and as a result carry a huge influence, especially over newcomers in the space.

At this time of year these crypto YouTubers are publishing their top coins for 2021, and so to obtain a global view of the crypto landscape we decided to conduct a meta analysis of the top content producers’ 2021 pick videos and find the most popular coins across all of them.

Crypto YouTubers Cast Their Votes

In order to fully spread our net, FullyCrypto sat through 16 cryptocurrency prediction videos for 2021, focusing on the most watched individual 2021 prediction videos and the content provided by the YouTubers with the most number of subscribers.

The 16 contributors mentioned a total of 60 picks for 2021, with two coins standing out from the competition, and one just pipping its rival.

In reverse order then, we bring you the crypto YouTube top three picks for 2021…

3. Polkadot (DOT)/Uniswap (UNI)

A tie for third place between Polkadot and Uniswap, two newcomers in the space, both being picked by five crypto YouTubers. Uniswap is of course well known and well used in the space already, having shot to prominence during last year’s DeFi season, and its token is set to feature more prominently in 2021 as Uniswap v3 makes its debut.

Polkadot has been spoken of as a challenger to Ethereum, with its technology able to support multiple chains within a single network. This cross-blockchain compatibility has developers very excited, although it is yet to be seen fully operational in the wild. Expectations are therefore entirely based on hype.

2. Chainlink (LINK)

Nine crypto YouTubers included Chainlink in their picks for 2021, putting it second overall. LINK was one of the darlings of the crypto space in 2020, with its usage as a cryptocurrency oracle already being used by blockchain projects far and wide.

If Chainlink can build on its potential and find some use cases in the public domain, or become the preeminent oracle within the blockchain space, then the high three-figure predictions being talked about are certainly not out of the question.

And the winner is…

1. Ethereum (ETH)

The daddy of smart contract blockchains was picked by an amazing 10 of the 16 YouTubers we reviewed, illustrating just how bullish the cryptocurrency space still is on the five-and-a-half-year-old platform.

With Ethereum 2.0 beginning its launch phase last year and the being the fulcrum of the DeFi movement, there is clearly still a weight of expectation and potential behind Ethereum, which beat off competition from not only pretenders to its own crown but also the likes of Bitcoin to top spot.

Despite Ethereum 2.0 coming along it is still something of a surprise that 62% of crypto YouTubers felt it was worthy of a spot in their top coins to watch of 2021, with some, including Nicholas Merten of DataDash and Ivan on Tech, putting it as number 1.

Despite being one of the oldest projects in the space, Ethereum has proved it still has what it takes to cut it in the fast-moving blockchain space, and still retains a huge following.

Honorable Mentions

Outside of the top three, other projects made an impression with our crypto YouTubers included Cosmos (ATOM), Elrond (EGLD), and VeChain (VET) with four picks each, and Bitcoin (BTC), Yearn.Finance (YFI), and Swissborg (CHSB) receiving three each.

Here’s the full list (excluding those with 1 vote):


Position Project Ticker Picks
1 Ethereum ETH 10
2 Chainlink LINK 9
3 Polkadot DOT 5
Uniswap UNI 5
4 Cosmos ATOM 4
Elrond EGLD 4
Vechain VET 4
5 Bitcoin BTC 3
Yearn.Finance YFI 3
Swissborg CHSB 3
6 Dash DASH 2
Monero XMR 2
Cardano ADA 2
Ripple XRP 2
Celsius CEL 2
Binance Coin BNB 2
Litecoin LTC 2
Ultra UOS 2
Enjin ENJ 2

Of course no one knows which coins are going to explode in 2021, but the most popular crypto YouTubers in the space have made it clear that they think Ethereum is going to be the project to watch in 2021.

Do you agree with the picks of the crypto YouTube brigade, or do you have another pick you think will fare better? Let us know on social media.