Stepn Allows Users to Share NFT Sneakers

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Move-to-earn app STEPN has unveiled a new app that will allow its users to share their digital sneakers and also share the rewards from those sneakers
  • Dubbed STEPN GO, the app is meant to increase the project’s social appeal
  • The app also adds gamification features

Web3 lifestyle app STEPN is moving closer to its users by enhancing how they connect, message and share their NFT sneakers through a new app dubbed STEPN GO. According to STEPN’s creator, Find Satoshi Labs (FSL), the new app’s users will also be able to share the rewards earned by the shared sneakers. The new app comes a month after STEPN and Adidas partnered to launch NFT sneakers, an indication that the lifestyle web3 app is committed to driving web3 adoption through physical exercise with a digital twist.

Lend or Gift NFT Sneakers

According to a whitepaper detailing the inner workings of STEPN GO, the app comes with new features such as the introduction of a new token, attributes, sneaker lending, customizable avatar, mystery boxes, a leaderboard, fitness level and a web 3 social feature known as the “Interactive Map.”

FSL targets to release the app somewhere between 2025 and 2026. The whitepaper further stated that STEPN GO users can lend or gift a sneaker to a friend after attaining a certain threshold.

The Web3-AI Intersection

The new app is part of FSL’s mission to venture deeper into the blockchain world. A year ago, for example, FSL launched an AI-powered tool that eased the process of converting selfies into NFTs. Known as GNT V3, FSL said at the time that it was part of exploring the intersection of web3 and AI.

Two weeks ago, FSL unveiled a rewards program to encourage gamified NFT trading on its MOOAR collectibles marketplace.

With the launch of STEPN GO, it’s to be seen whether it’ll birth a new economy based on lending sneakers and whether the app will support the sharing of virtual items from other brands like Nike.