Fortnite to Accept Monero Payments in Merch Store

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Monero, and cryptocurrency in general, enjoyed a positive start to 2019 as Fortnite, the $3 billion grossing game that has taken over social media and spawned an entire subculture, announced that it would start accepting Monero payments in its online merchandise store. The privacy-focused cryptocurrency link up means you can now purchase your onesies, t-shirts, and more depicting your favorite characters and not have to worry about being identified… until you wear it.

Spreading the Word

As Bitstarz reported in December, Fortnite’s in-game currency ‘V-bucks’ and cryptocurrency were both high on teens’ Christmas wish lists this year, and the Monero tie-in will help expose cryptocurrency to a new generation of tech-savvy youngsters. Monero head Riccardo Spagni announced the deal on his Twitter page:

Monero has a company called Globee to thank for this Fortnite integration, which Spagni helped set up and launch in September 2017. It’s really no surprise that Monero is the chief cryptocurrency Globee accepts, although more coins are anticipated to arrive on the platform in 2019. The Fortnite tie-in therefore represents doubly good news for Spagni, grabbing positive headlines both for Monero and Globee.

Lightning Network up Next?

High on the list of potential cryptocurrencies for Globee to accept is Bitcoin, with Spagni revealing that they are “…very interested in LN (Lightning Network), and we’re pushing hard to get them to add that to the list.” Adding Lightning Network payments would not only be great news for Bitcoin, but also a real coup for Lightning Network chiefs who will be very keen to show that their product is both retail-ready and desired by merchants. A successful integration with something as publicly recognizable as Fortnite will lead to great publicity for Bitcoin and Lightning Network – it might see other companies take an interest in accepting it as a result.
Even though the majority of Fortnite merchandise shoppers will not be using Monero, at least to begin with, the importance of having cryptocurrencies, and their associated branding, out in the public can only be a good thing in terms of exposure. Plus, who knows, perhaps we’ll see a FluffyPony character in Fortnite Season 8.