STEPN Creator Launches New Program to Gamify NFT Trading

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • STEPN creator Find Satoshi Labs (FSL) has launched a new rewards program seeking to gamify the NFT trading experience
  • Known as the MOOAR Box Season 2, the program intends to redefine how collectors interact with NFT marketplaces
  • Some of the rewards up for grabs include NFTs in the STEPN X Adidas Genesis Sneaker NFT collection

Web3 app STEPN creator FSL has announced a new season of its MOOAR Box rewards program to redefine NFT traders’ experiences on the MOOAR collectibles marketplace. Dubbed MOOAR Box Season 2, FSL intends to gamify the trading of collectibles on the NFT exchange with participants standing a chance to win collectibles from the STEPN X Adidas Genesis NFT Sneaker collection. The program will also benefit participants covered by the FSL ID program where they earn points for trading collectibles on the platform, something that’s likely to boast MOOAR’s usage.

An Inclusive Environment

According to FSL CEO Shiti Manghani, the new rewards program is designed to create “a more inclusive and enjoyable environment” for MOOAR users. Manghani added that the program will give participants a chance to collect exclusive collectibles in NFT collections featuring Adidas, STEPN and MOOAR.

The season will be divided into three phases with the first phase lasting for six days starting May 7. The rewards boxes contain tradable tickets that can also be exchanged for STEPN token GMT or used to participate in a raffle.

FSL also noted that the program is a way of enhancing innovation and bringing the web3 community together. It added that the MOOAR Box program closes the gap between “users and the world of NFTs,” something that ignites gamified experiences.

The renewal of the program for a second season was influenced by the success of the previous season which FSL said helped put MOOAR at the “top of the charts for 24-hour marketplace trading volume.”

$2,500 NFT Sneakers

MOOAR Box Season 2 comes three weeks after STEPN and Adidas partnered to launch $2,500 NFT sneakers. It also comes roughly a year after the web3 lifestyle app developer created an AI-powered tool to turn selfies into NFTs.

With a new MOOAR Box season, it’s to be seen whether the season will have the same effect as the previous season and whether it will propel the adoption of the STEPN X Adidas Genesis Sneaker NFT collection.