QuadrigaCX Story to be Netflix Documentary

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  • The story of Gerald Cotten and QuadrigaCX is to be made into a Netflix documentary
  • QuadrigaCX folded when Cotten supposedly died, leaving massive debts
  • Some claim Cotten faked his death and has all the funds in his personal possession

The mysterious case of Gerald Cotten and the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, which has already spawned a podcast series, will now get its own Netflix documentary. Netflix announced Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King last week as one of its commissioned documentaries of 2022, allowing non-crypto audiences to hear about the incredible story for the first time. Cotten is supposed to have died in India in late 2018, leaving behind an exchange in dire financial straits, but there are plenty of doubters who believe Cotten himself absconded with the money and faked his death.

Incredible Story of QuadrigaCX to be Told

The QuadrigaCX story is well known to those in the crypto space, and it is not surprising that a documentary about the case has been commissioned. QuadrigaCX shut its doors in early 2019 when Cotten’s wife, Jennifer Robertson, announced his death the prior month, a move that set in motion a timeline of amazing and shocking twists, turns, and revelations.

While all the factual evidence suggests that Cotten died in India of complications with Chron’s disease as officially stated, it was determined in the months after his death that he had been leverage trading with customers’ money and that the wallets that were supposed to contain the exchange’s funds had been emptied in the months before his death.

Cotten Suspected of Faking His Death

The revelations that have emerged in the years since the collapse of QuadrigaCX have led some to claim that Cotten withdrew all the money, faked his death and is now living on a Caribbean island somewhere, waiting for his ‘widow’ to come and join him. However, it is more likely that the wallets were emptied due to Cotten’s frequent trading with their contents, although it is clear that it was only a matter of time before the exchange was rumbled, at which point he would have been arrested and charged with misappropriation of funds. This, according to conspiracy theorists, is the real reason behind his ‘disappearance’.