QuadrigaCX News

QuadrigaCX was a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013 by Gerald Cotten and Michael Patryn that closed without warning in January 2019 after months of financial difficulties. The closure meant that the site’s 115,000 customers could no longer gain access to their funds, thought to be worth some $190 million. Access to the exchange’s crypto accounts was made difficult due to the fact that Cotten had been the only person with access, but this was achieved in March 2019, where it was discovered that the wallets had been drained almost a year prior. Some think that this means Cotten has faked his death and has started a new life with the exchange’s funds, leaving customers to fight for recompense through legal channels. Around the same time it was revealed that co-founder Michael Patryn is in fact convicted fraudster Omar Dhanani who had assumed a new identity prior to QuadrigaCX’s founding. The exchange is currently going through bankruptcy proceedings in Nova Scotia.