AMC to Accept Four Cryptocurrencies This Year

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  • Theater chain AMC has announced that it should be in position to accept cryptocurrencies in a few weeks
  • AMC announced on September that it would start accepting top tier cryptocurrencies
  • DOGE was soon added and it seems that SHIB could be next on the list

AMC Entertainment, the world’s largest movie exhibition company, has said that it aims to accept up to four cryptocurrencies by the end of the year, with DOGE and SHIB potentially coming in 2022. In a clear attempt to cash in on the craze for meme coins, AMC CEO Adam Aron told investors in a call on Monday that the company was making progress on its aims to incorporate major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and LTC, a list which was extended when Aron set up a Twitter poll asking if SHIB should be considered.

AMC “On Track” to Accept Crypto in 2021

Aron was on a Q3 earnings call to investors when the subject of cryptocurrencies came up. The AMC boss said that the company was “on track right now to accept, as we promised, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash and others prior to year-end next month”, adding that AMC should “be able to launch the acceptance of dogecoin in the first quarter of ’22”.

AMC announced in September that the chain was going to accept some top tier cryptocurrencies as payment, with a clamour for DOGE soon seeing the crypto favorite added to the roster.

SHIB to Be Added?

The same kind of popularity contest seems to have elevated today’s crypto du jour SHIB to the pedestal too. Like DOGE, won a Twitter poll set up by Aron to see if it would be worth integrating. Naturally, the answer was yes, resulting in Aron saying that AMC was now “figuring out how we can take shiba inu as a currency”: