QuadrigaCX Documentary Drops Today

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  • A documentary about the collapse of Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX and the aftermath drops today
  • Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King details the events surrounding the death of founder Gerald Cotten
  • Some believe that Cotten faked his death and is enjoying his customers’ money

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, the documentary that details the death of Gerald Cotten and the collapse of his QuadrigaCX exchange, drops on Netflix today, following a successful podcast series. Cotten is said to have died due to complications of Chrone’s disease while on honeymoon in India, but there are suggestions that he faked his death and is enjoying the hundreds of millions of dollars that were supposed to be in the QuadrigaCX wallets but that were found empty. Trust No One was announced six months ago following the success last year of the podcast documenting the QuadrigaCX story, Exit Scam.

QuadrigaCX Story Richly Deserving of Netflix Treatment

The trailer for Trust No One shows that the documentary covers all the major points of the story – the questions surrounding Cotten’s death, the actions of his wife Jennifer Robertson, the discovery of the QuadrigaCX wallets being emptied in the lead up to his death, and the revelation that Cotten had spent years trading with his customers’ money.

Questions still remain over the fate of Cotten, with theories ranging from him faking his own death to his wife poisoning him on their honeymoon in order to get her hands on what she thought was a nine-figure windfall.

The only known facts are that QuadrigaCX began to have liquidity issues in 2017 and by 2018 was having trouble honoring customer withdrawals. During this time, Cotten was trying to raise funds by trading with his customers’ funds on other exchanges, but this only worsened the financial situation.

Conspiracy Theorists Say Cotten is Still Alive

Cotten supposedly died in December 2018, taking the passwords to what was supposed to be some $200 million in user deposits with him, although the exchange wasn’t shuttered until January 2019.

When the wallets were finally accessed they were found to be empty, likely from Cotten’s activities, but some suspect he is enjoying these funds on a sunny island paradise somewhere, waiting for Robertson to come and join him.