Polygon Becomes Second Most Popular Gaming Blockchain

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  • User activity on Polygon increased by 53% in March
  • The surge has earned the Ethereum sidechain second place among leading gaming blockchains
  • Polygon is now ahead of Hive and BNB Chain and only below the Wax blockchain 

User activity on Polygon increased by 53% in March earning the Ethereum side-chain the second spot among top gaming chains. In a report published by DappRadar, unique active wallets (UAWs) on Polygon have been on a steady rise increasing from 90,000 to slightly above 138,000 between February and March this year. The rise in UAWs positioned the layer-two blockchain above Hive and BNB Chain while the Wax protocol occupied position one as the preferred chain for gamers.

From DeFi to Gaming 

Polygon’s closest competitors, Hive and BNB Chain, saw a drop of 27% and 5% in UAWs between February and March to record 84,000 and 80,000 UAWs respectively in March. Although UAWs on the Wax blockchain fell by 8% it registered 314,000 UAWs in March which is more than 2X what was recorded by Polygon.

According to the report, the rise in UAWs on Polygon was driven by games like Hunters On-Chain and Planet IX. Despite Planet IX’s UAWs in the last 30 days dropping by 13%, it still occupies position one on Polygon while Hunters On-Chain average monthly UAW rose by over 15x between February and March.

DappRadar observed that the surge in gaming activity on the Ethereum side-chain is an addition to the blockchain’s previous positioning as the go-to protocol for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Traditional Brands Love Polygon

The rise to become a leading gaming blockchain comes at a time when Polygon is gaining popularity as a Web 3.0 and an NFT platform. Some NFT projects like Y00ts have already abandoned Solana for Polygon while leading traditional brands like Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, and Reddit have announced support for the Ethereum side-chain.

With Polygon adding more features such as the recent Ethereum Virtual Machine to help lower gas fees on the network, the chain is likely to continue gaining traction in the Web 3.0 space.