Boris Johnson to Address Singapore Blockchain Conference

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  • Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will address the International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements next month
  • Johnson is a guest speaker and will address the conference alongside Dick Cheney
  • Johnson has never publicly mentioned blockchain technology or its benefits

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will deliver a keynote address to the International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements in Singapore (ISBA) on December 2. Johnson will join former US vice-president Dick Cheney Dick Cheney as a headline speaker at the conference which is aimed at provoking “meaningful questions and discussions” that will enable the global adoption of blockchain technologies.

Johnson Has No Blockchain Pedigree At All

Johnson was ousted as Britain’s leader on July 7 and ran a short-lived campaign to return to replace Liz Truss last month. Having pulled out at the last minute, Johnson is now free to take up speaking engagements such as this, although his addition is something of a surprise given that Johnson has never publicly referenced blockchain technology. 

His only exposure to the crypto space is through his then-chancellor (now the new PM) Rishi Sunak announcing the UK’s plans to become a crypto hub in April. Even then, Johnson never commented on it.

It is rather odd, then, that ISBA proudly proclaims that it “gathers significant voices of ecosystem builders and users, of whom represent different stakeholders of the innovation chain, yet united by the aspiration to actualize the blockchain-powered digital transformation.” Clearly, Johnson is none of these voices, and neither is ‘Chief Guest of Honour’ Dick Cheney.

Tech, Enterprise or DeFi?

The symposium is divided into three ‘tracks’ – ‘Technology’, ‘Enterprise’, and ‘Decentralised Finance – with each track consisting of keynote speeches on topics revolving around real-world adoptions of blockchain technology, followed by panel discussions with live Q&A.

It isn’t yet known on which of these tracks Johnson will discourse, but it’s likely to be a rambling nonsensical affair if history is to be our guide.