Uptrennd Launches Community Nominated Blockchain Awards!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to awards in the crypto and blockchain industry, far too many awards are being handed out to projects that “donate” resources or financially to the awarding body. We’ve seen it time, time and time again, with the authenticity of awards being called into question on numerous occasions.

To try and restore the balance and the power of truth to the industry and its awards, Uptrennd has decided to host a community nominated blockchain awards on its Twitter account.

It’s Simple to Take Part

This new idea is rather simple to take part in, and the most nominated projects from each category will be put to a final vote, allowing the public to have their say. There are 21 categories where the public can nominate their favorite projects by commenting and tagging the project. The top 10 from each category will make it to the grand final for a big vote-off to take home the trophy.

When Did Awards get Murky?

Awards in the crypto and blockchain industry have been murky since the beginning of time, with a number of top events simply handing out awards in return for favors. The Malta Blockchain and AI summit is infamous for this, handing out suspicious awards. During its inaugural show, the Malta Blockchain and AI summit handed out three awards to companies that all went bust and vanished from the industry.

Then, in its summer edition in 2019, the summit awarded Blockchain & A.I Influencer of the Year 2019 to non-other than Bitcoin.com. Rather suspiciously, Roger Ver had been called in to give a talk, and it looks like his fee was an award for Bitcoin.com

Hopefully Uptrennd can fix this huge gaping hole in the crypto and blockchain industry, pushing the industry towards fair, equal and unbiased awards. For once it would be nice to see a legitimate company win an award legitimately.