Peter Schiff Allegedly Loses Access to His Bitcoin Stash

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Peter Schiff is arguably the most infamous nocoiner of all time, but despite this, he allegedly had a handful of Bitcoin to his name. That’s right, Schiff allegedly had some Bitcoin in his private wallet, and if one of his recent Tweets is to be believed, he also lost access to the wallet – rendering that Bitcoin lost forever and useless. However, the Bitcoin world doesn’t believe Schiff for a second, calling him an attention seeker and believing he’s pulling this stunt for attention to remain relevant.

Schiff Looking for Attention

In his Twitter post, Schiff claims that his wallet file got corrupted somehow and it’s no longer accepting his password. Now, this is highly unlikely to happen unless you stumble upon a specific porn virus. For the wallet to become completely corrupted and the password to no longer work, it would take a perfect storm of conditions and the crypto works isn’t buying it. Schiff fails to name the wallet he is using along with other factors, further adding fuel to the fire that Schiff is in fact making things up.

Schiff is No Longer Relevant

Crypto personalities love to be in the limelight, hating nothing more than being left out in the cold. Recently, Calvin Ayre decide to call BSV a shitcoin to try and get some attention, and it looks as if Schiff is trying the same stunt. Famed for his anti-Bitcoin rhetoric, Schiff claims Bitcoin is dead and smart money is heading into gold. Either Schiff is balls deep in gold or he doesn’t fully understand the power of Bitcoin long term. Sure, Bitcoin might not be the future, just like McAfee says, but it’s a damn lot better than gold will ever be.

Peter Schiff is trying his best to hang on to some level of fame in the crypt world, but he is failing miserably. Hopefully he can restore some faith in his followers with this latest Tweet and boost his social media interactions – Bitcoin might grow too much otherwise.