John McAfee Launches App That Lets You Win Bitcoin

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If you peg yourself as a bit of a boffin and a cryptocurrency know it all, John McAfee’s new app might be right up your street. Bitcoin Play gives users the ability to answer timed multiple-choice questions for the chance to win a few satoshis. However, if you get the question wrong or run out of time, you will be lambasted with insults by McAfee’s voice through the app. If there was ever a fun way to get your hands on free Bitcoin, Bitcoin Play is definitely it!

Get Paid in 48 Hours or Less

There are a lot of games out there that promise to pay out satoshis for completing tasks, but Bitcoin Play is the real deal. All satoshis find their way to your Bitcoin wallet within 48 hours, so keep answering those questions and racking up an epic stack of free Bitcoin by testing your general knowledge. Unfortunately for iPhone users, the app is only available on Android for the time being.

“It’s very addictive”

So far, the game has an average rating of 4.4 and 27 reviews. It’s pushed its way to the 500-download mark and is rapidly surging towards 1,000. Bitcoin Play has commanded some rather noteworthy reviewers, who all gave it 5 stars. Janice McAfee – John McAfee’s wife – rated the app 5 stars and gave the review “It’s very addictive and I love the 18+ version!”. There is a family-friendly version, but what’s the fun in testing your knowledge without John McAfee screaming insults and profanities at you?

McAfee for President?

It’s no secret that John McAfee will be running for president in one way or another. While he doesn’t want to win the election, he does want to use the platform to help shill Bitcoin and other top cryptos to the American people. While there is a good chance he won’t secure the Libertarian party’s nomination – that looks like it will go to Larry Sharpe – he is determined to run, even if it means creating his own party. More details about his presidential campaign can be found within the community website for his Bitcoin Play app.

McAfee is known to be an eccentric individual, but he does love the crypto community with all his heart. He simply wants cryptocurrencies to be given the fair treatment they deserve, as well as potentially overthrowing the current monetary system. Back in 2017, McAfee promised to eat his dick live on national TV if Bitcoin didn’t hit $1 million by 2020, and with that looking like a more likely outcome, McAfee has created a backup plan.

It’s safe to say that eating his own dick live on national TV would be an epic way to get the message about Bitcoin to the masses – well, to those who are into watching that type of programming, at least.