Doodles Abandons Ethereum for Flow to Launch Doodles 2

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  • The Doodles NFT project has ditched Ethereum for Flow for its new Doodles 2 NFT initiative
  • The project chose Flow due to the blockchain’s scalability and its non-existent gas fees
  • Doodles 2 holders have the right to customize their doodles to boost the rarity

The Doodles NFT project has ditched Ethereum for Flow for its Doodles 2 NFT project, which is scheduled to open to the public in the coming days. The NFT project settled on Flow blockchain due to the protocol’s scalability, unparalleled user experience and “no gas fees.” Doodles 2 is more of an independent project rather than an upgrade of the previous version giving collectors the ability to customize their doodles to boost rarity.

Doodles 2 Breaks the Limitations

Doodles founder Jordan Castro observed that Doodles 2 breaks the limitations of Doodles’ 10,000 PFP (profile picture) NFTs cap to onboard more collectors into the ecosystem. Castro noted that the new NFT project will allow collectors to specify the skin tone and add wearables to a doodle to increase its market value, something that was not possible with the first Doodle project. 

Castro added that an NFT project thrives on a vibrant community and the ability for collectors to express themselves through customizations. Doodles 2 will be “a completely new initiative” including existing on the Flow blockchain which is a deviation from Ethereum, which powers the original Doodles project. 

Speaking to NFT Now, Castro’s former employer, Dapper Labs CEO Rohan Gharegozlou, commended Doodle for the move noting that Flow is an ideal blockchain due to its gasless nature, scalability and smooth user experience.

Doodles 2 Joins NBA Top Shot

However, Doodle is yet to reveal the inner workings of the new project but promised to do so on Tuesday, January 31. More revelations such as several editions of wearables to help in the doodles’ customization journey will happen in the coming months. 

Doodles 2 will now share a home with the NBA Top Shot, UFL All Day and UFC Strike among other popular NFT projects. Interestingly, Doodles is leaving Ethereum when other projects like DeGods and Y00ts are abandoning Solana for the ETH-powered blockchain. Ethereum holds 21% of the NFT market share but it’s yet to be seen whether Flow will be able to eat into that dominance.