OKEx Teams Up with Jack Liu to Develop a Bitcoin SV Exchange

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Late last week, Craig “Satoshi” Wright kicked off yet another war in the crypto scene by filing a lawsuit against the infamous Twitter handle, Hodlonaut. Wright has been claiming to be Satoshi for years, but the crypto community simply doesn’t believe him – give us the proof, Craig. After a lot of Twitter bickering, Binance eventually delisted Bitcoin SV (BCHSV) and top crypto pundits have called for all exchanges to drop BCHSV trading pairs from their platforms. In a bid to keep BCHSV alive, OKEx has teamed up with Jack Liu to create a brand-new crypto exchange that will list BCHSV and “real world assets”

Tapping into the OK System

While the new exchange will have some rather unique features in the sense that it will list BCHSV against commodities, currencies, and other Proof of Work (PoW) SHA256 tokens. The new exchanged dubbed Float SV will use the OKNodes program to gain liquidity from other exchanges using the OKNodes platform. Essentially, it will be a white label of the OKEx platform that shares liquidity with all other white labels – a rather desperate attempt to keep BCHSV alive.

Can OKEx Help BCHSV Survive?

There is no doubt that the future of BCHSV is teetering on a knife edge and one more angry outburst from Wright or his minion – Calvin Ayre – could spell huge trouble for the project. Just months after starting a hash war and losing it spectacularly, BCHSV is struggling to find any fans. Thankfully, OKEx holds a rather neutral stance towards cryptocurrencies and the teams behind them. OKEx is all about bringing crypto trading to the people and giving the people a wide choice of trading pairs. This neutrality will be BCHSV’s biggest asset, but Wright and Ayre need to be careful to not upset the OKEx team – otherwise it too could join forces with Binance by delisting BCHSV and pulling the plug on Float SV.

Not the War Armani Hoped For

Just before the rather short and disappointing Bitcoin Cash hash war of 2018, high-end male escort, serial software entrepreneur, and pirate radio station operator Vin Armani warned that Craig Wright would destroy the cryptocurrency world. His warning came via a live Periscope feed that was designed to shock the world, but in a bizarre twist of events Armani’s predictions appear to have been about BCHSV rather than the crypto community as a whole. Armani believed Wright would slowly pick off cryptocurrencies one by one, but instead has only managed to destroy his pet project – Bitcoin SV.

Float SV is due to go live in the coming weeks, and it will no doubt be a popular outlet for worried BCHSV holders to dump their tokens before the value sinks any further. In response, Bitcoin Cash has been on an epic ride to the moon, up more than 20% since the fiasco with Binance began.